Tips To Feel Better According To Your Sign

Life is a roller coaster of events and emotions, so being always with maximum energy and in complete happiness is complicated, almost impossible. Sometimes we feel physically bad due to some illness, some imbalance in our body, or sad and discouraged by complex situations that we are experiencing. But reencountering our true selves, our Sun, our sign, helps us find the necessary strength to move forward. Everything is cyclical, like the positions of the planets or the phases of the Moon, but although we know that everything bad happens in the end, thinking about it does not always console us. Astrology can help us to know ourselves better and learn what small changes we can make, or where we can support ourselves to feel better despite problems. So that is to feel better according to your sign.


You are characterized by being a sign with a lot of energy, so two things can happen to you, that you feel collapsed by a situation and this robs you of all that strength, or that you have to swallow it and this causes you very great anger and frustration. To be aligned with your Sun, you need to feel free with all that energy and this is not going to be achieved by getting angry or being irascible. Rather, you will have to look for the opportunity to have that conversation that you need to have, face to face, or perhaps you can create something artistic if you do not have the opportunity to show what you feel. Be patient Aries, life, in the end, ends up putting things in their place. If you feel bad physically, it will help you to do explosive exercise, although with your head and respecting your limits. Do not forget to drink cool water in a calm way,


Taurus You know that what reconnects you the most with yourself is being in tune with tranquility and beauty, and if it is in nature your energy levels will rise a lot. If you feel bad, it will be good for you to rest and savor every moment, even if it is bitter. Stay barefoot for a day, feel the earth and remember that your sign was born to enjoy and be in a good mood, if you are not, it is because something destabilizes you in your life, so take some time to think if it is really worth giving space to that or if you need to make any changes, however difficult it may be. If that change is not possible right now, find your moments alone or with people who really understand what you are going through. And make a point of enjoying at least one thing a day. Hold on to rose quartz and remember that your Sun in Taurus empowers you, and Venus guides you.


Gemini, your heart asks you to move, have fun and learn. If you feel very down, or do not feel like communicating, you have to try to reconnect with your Sun. For this, it will be good for you to try new things, even little by little. Force yourself to do something different every day and remember that it is normal that from time to time you need to pick yourself up and be with yourself. Writing what you feel and what you need will be of great help. Focus on something new that makes you curious and inspires you to be creative. Mercury makes you a somewhat scattered person and it is true that sometimes it would be good for you to focus a little more, but you can take advantage and learn everything you can from a lot of things, be someone very versatile. When they tell you that covering a lot is wasting time, ignore them, your quality is like that, is to know a little of everything. And if you find yourself sick a little fresh and different air will be great for you, try wearing something yellow and doing some breathing yoga.


A sign as changeable as Cancer You must have the freedom to express your feelings moment by moment, otherwise, you can get sick or even explode when it reaches the extreme. Cancer, knowing yourself and looking within each day is of vital importance for your mental health and for your relationships. Some people find it difficult to understand that others feel so much, that they are so in touch with their emotions and it can overwhelm them. But don’t pay any attention, you are like that and that makes you very special and valuable. If you try to be otherwise you will end up losing control one day, and that is when the problem will come. If you make yourself a priority and dedicate a few moments to yourself daily, everything will improve. Love and let yourself be loved, spend time at home surrounded by your loved ones or go for a walk at night, letting yourself be embraced by the sky. Always have water or infusions on hand, and a moonstone. If your heart turns on your walks, try taking a notebook where you can write or draw what you think, what you feel. And dance a lot, Cancer, it will be great for you.


For you, Leo, your sun wants you to be the protagonist of your life, so to be in contact with it, you cannot be in the shade. A good Leo is prepared for leadership, if you have ever felt bad or discouraged, it is because you are not being allowed to use your full potential. The tip for Leo would be not to wait for others to give you the opportunity you need, or the status, but for you to fight and find the best place where you can be. Allow yourself to shine, you do not have to back down from difficulties, or envy anyone. You are worth a lot, just believe it and be brave, it is in your blood. If you are a little unmotivated, remember that life does not always give you what you want the first time, perhaps you need to do an apprenticeship first. So burn energy doing sports and telling yourself that your time will come, do not sink, keep preparing and see what you have to improve. If you feel like you are lacking energy, wear something gold, and visualize yourself where you would like to be. Then put in writing what you objectively need to get there, and if you have to study or do something, do not hesitate to do it, all to be able to be where you deserve.


Virgo, you are characterized by knowing how things are done and making the best of everything. Having the Sun in Virgo is not boring at all, as some belief, you are people with the ability to go where you want, with an instinct for earth energy, to translate ideas. Your energy has to do with duty, work, but not as other people see it, but as the way to make life better, to optimize it and get the most out of it. Think, plan and take a second before acting, if you jump without thinking you will not be connected to the energy of your true self. If you are not feeling well, resume routines in your day-to-day, improve them and commit to yourself. Allow yourself a moment a day to connect with the earth, you can do a bit of yoga or meditate while walking up the mountain.


Balance, beauty and relationships are a thing of Libra Your Sun in this sign makes you shine in a very elegant and harmonious way, it is a pleasure to be by your side. If you feel like you’ve lost energy, or fallen ill, you are going to need to reconnect with your higher self. And for that you will have to start by doing a “cleaning” of your environment. You have to find a place that is as less conflictive as possible to recharge your batteries. And if you can’t, tidy up and put around you things that inspire you, like good music and incense, and start to artistically express how you feel, be it writing, painting or in whatever way you feel like it. Libra, look in your agenda for those people who really bring you peace, and for once, ask them to help you, since you are always there to solve misunderstandings. Surely if you spend an afternoon with them, even if it is by video call, then you will feel much better.


Scorpio, to be in contact with your Sun and encourage interesting things to happen to you in life, you have to keep your mysterious side in mind. The one who cares about the depth of things and people, who grows with transformations, a phoenix. Trust yourself again and dedicate time to yourself. Observe, read a lot and inquire about topics that catch your attention, and more if they are taboo. You were born to get to the bottom of relationships, do not forget to do it in a healthy way, that is, not trying to control everything, but really paying attention to the person in front of you, achieving a necessary balance. The obsidian stone will help you channel a lot of energy, do not be afraid of yourself Scorpio, but be careful not to be too possessive. This will not happen if you really know yourself and understand your processes, a journal and deep meditations can help you a lot. Pluto, your ruler, will always urge you to make the changes you need, do not try to turn your back on him, let yourself be carried away because something better will always come than what is leaving.


For you Sagi, being in contact with your Sun means expansion, luck and faith. If you are going through bad times you will have to look for a reason beyond the everyday. Life speaks to you Sagi, and you are the only one who can understand the purpose of what is happening to you. Your Sun inspires you, your true Self is full of strength, meaning, luck. That is why to contact yourself it will be good for you to travel, discover places, explore cultures, open your mind to infinity and let yourself be soaked by everything wonderful there is in the universe. Feel again what it is to live in the moment, and to be brave. This is who you are, a generous and optimistic person, who although he must learn to make decisions more calmly, he also needs to constantly broaden his horizons.


Capri, if you feel that you have no goal in your life, you are disconnected from your Sun. And that will not make you feel good. It does not mean that the energy of Capri is a continuous effort without time for pleasant things, at all, but it does need to be overcome every day, although this is sometimes overwhelming. Perhaps even feeling so pressured makes you fall into a pessimism of not being able to anymore, your sign can sometimes be a bit contradictory. You need clear and credible Capri goals that really motivate you and that come from your heart, not imposed by others. Do not leave aside social activities, organize yourself to have a few hours with family and friends, in the end you know that everything is in planning and knowing how to use time. This is also intrinsic to your sign, in addition to the blessed patience that you will have to have yes or yes.


A good Aquarius knows that he himself is contradictory by nature, that he is a social being but at the same time has a very marked individuality, that he is on another planet but also has his feet on the ground, but even so, we know perfectly when you are connected to your Sun. To begin with, you have to be connected to your original and innovative character, this is something that is beyond whether you are alone or accompanied. Being attentive to the latest scientific and technological advances, reading a lot, and creating artistically or in any other way will help you reconnect with your most powerful Self. Take a look at the Aquarius world, see what it needs and what you could contribute. Stay away from people when necessary and reconnect when your body asks you to. In order to better deal with this need, you can talk to your friends and family, Explain that you need those moments of loneliness, instead of giving up on having them. Paint your room turquoise to encourage your creativity and allow yourself one day to give yourself all the freedom in the world.


Pisces, connecting with your Sun will be much easier than for other signs, just enter your world, immerse yourself in the waters of your subconscious. Make a connection with the blue of the sea that you carry within. And this is done through relaxation, art and a little escape. You know that this can’t get out of hand either, but this post is just for when you lose yourself a bit, for a day dedicated to finding yourself again. Surely you have already discovered a creative activity that you like, if not, it is time to look for it, or a discipline that connects you with your spirituality through the body, such as yoga or dance. All this is very much about your Sun, allow yourself to be optimistic about life, dreaming how you want to live it, later of course you will have to put your feet on the ground and begin to capture ideas, but your Sun also asks you for the process of dreaming them. And it asks you to connect with the intangible world, the one that cannot be seen but is felt. Be brave and embark on a magical adventure connecting with the subtle worlds.


Tips To Feel Better According To Your Sign

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