Time For A Makeover? This Beauty Trend Suits Your Zodiac Sign – Part 2

Time For A Makeover

Time For A Makeover? This Beauty Trend Suits Your Zodiac Sign – Part 2

Are you in the mood for big changes in your beauty routine? Then maybe it’s time for a classic makeover. And if you can’t decide where the change should go, you can just look at the stars.

Because the zodiac signs also provide information on suitable beauty trends.

Cancer: Mix and Match – Beauty Edition

Cancers are not among the zodiac signs that like to make decisions. They just wish they could be there all the time. And it is precisely this fear of making decisions that are reflected in her look. After all, who wants to decide between edgy and romantic or elegant and sporty? The crabs definitely don’t – they prefer to mix all styles together in 2023.

Leo: Statement Brows

Anyone who knows lions knows: they LOVE attention. They feel most at home in the spotlight and aren’t afraid to try out some extreme looks to keep being the number one topic of conversation! How about bleached brows in 2023? This look is guaranteed to draw all eyes to the lions.

Virgo: Beauty color game

Virgos like extremes. After all, the self-confident zodiac sign knows exactly what suits him or her and what they look good in. You can take a few risks – and at the same time attract everyone’s attention. This year, that experimentation could mean that Virgos are reaching deep into the paint pot and taking eyeshadow to a new level.

Libra: All natural

The loving and sentimental Libras will find their way back to their roots in 2023 – also in their beauty routine. That’s why they like to go for the no-make-up look for a makeover and use a gentle bronzer and an extensive skincare routine that causes a glow from within.

Scorpio: More is More

The bold Scorpios like to stand out. Of course, this also applies to her beauty routine. For the 2023 makeover, this could mean: spicing up eye-catching make-up looks with lots of jewelry and sometimes exaggerating a bit. Because with their self-confidence, Scorpios manage to convey even the strangest looks full of self-confidence so that they always convince.

Sagittarius: Make it Sparkle

When Sagittarius dares a beauty makeover, it’s time to finally bring out the passionate and fiery side in them. Because they actually like to experiment. All too often, however, they prefer to stay in their comfort zone. That will change in 2023 and Sagittarians will discover their love for everything that glitters and sparkles.

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