Time Change Alert: The Zodiac Signs Most Affected At The End Of March 2023

Affected At The End Of March 2023

Time Change Alert: The Zodiac Signs Most Affected At The End Of March 2023

In the night from March 28th to March 31st, 2023 we turn the clocks back – this time one hour forward. For some, this time change is not a problem at all. But many have a hard time nibbling on it and can only breathe deeply again weeks later.

You can read here which zodiac signs are particularly influenced by this temporal change.


Twice a year Pisces feel completely thrown off track. This is due to the time change, which causes maximum confusion in them. You feel tired, sluggish, and just lost all sense of time. Even if it’s only for an hour. However, the changeover is particularly bad in spring! Because if there’s one thing the zodiac sign needs, it’s sleep. However, with the fish now deprived of an hour of valuable sleep, expect them to be quite irritable for the next few days, maybe even weeks.


It’s well known that Aries doesn’t handle change very well. If he can no longer carry out his daily routines as he is used to, then he quickly becomes uncomfortable. The change over time also causes chaos for the zodiac sign. Because it constantly calculates what time it would be “normal” if we hadn’t had a time difference. Taking an hour away is difficult for the Aries to accept. Because he always has the feeling that he’s missing something. But don’t worry, that too will subside.


It seems like nothing can really throw Scorpio off course. But the sign of the zodiac made the calculation without the time change. Because this small intervention on the clock means that Scorpios no longer know where up and down are. Jet lag is nothing against it! First of all, the zodiac sign is incredibly stressful about whether and which clocks have changed on their own. Once that’s done, he mourns for this one lost hour, in which he could have done so much.

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