You have to live in the here and now! Free yourself from the contaminated sites in your life! Finally let go! Well, do these sentences sound familiar to you? We bet at least one of them you’ve had to hear from your best friend. Because regardless of whether it’s about relationships, friendships or just the good old school days – we all sometimes have a hard time just looking ahead and leaving the past behind. This is especially true for three zodiac signs in September . According to the horoscope, you will be overtaken by your past this month :

Horoscope: With these zodiac signs, the past knocks in September


Analyzing the past again down to the smallest detail is exactly your thing. As a born Cancer , it is often difficult for you to look reality in the eye. You are incredibly empathetic and only see the good in people, even if they are actually not good for you. It happens to your zodiac sign again and again that it romanticizes an old, screwed up love affair and holds onto it. But by doing this, you don’t give a new relationship an opportunity to develop further.

But in September the time has finally come – you face your past! Instead of repressing a painful memory with a previous partner, you grapple with it and close it off. And of course we have positive news for your present: A current affair may have a lot more potential than you think.


As a Virgo -born you are always careful that your surroundings are fine and that nobody has anything to complain about you. You always take care of your loved ones self-sacrificingly, ensure harmony and put your own needs aside. One could almost say that you are the perfect good kid, which is never offensive.

This will finally be over in September. You leave the child in you and finally perceive yourself as an adult in the present. Also this month you are separating from a close friend who has never really valued you enough.


There is only one way for your zodiac sign – and that is to the very top. As a Capricorn -born, self-optimization is number one on your list of priorities. Stagnation is like a nightmare for you. You want to constantly improve yourself in all areas of your life. Unfortunately, luck often falls by the wayside. You often toy with the idea of ​​not being good enough. But where does this feeling of dissatisfaction come from?

In September it will be time to face your past and search for the origin of your current mindset. What makes you really happy and what goals can realistically be achieved?

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