Three zodiac signs make a fateful encounter in September

With autumn comes the transformation from the Leo to the Virgo season . While summer brought us a little closer to our needs and desires, we are now acting accordingly in autumn. The energy of the Virgo grounds us and gives us a serene and relaxed charisma. This is particularly true of three zodiac signs and they now attract exactly the right people. We reveal which three zodiac signs make a fateful encounter in September – according to the horoscope.

These 3 zodiac signs make a fateful encounter in September

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Wow – you are totally yourself in your birthday season and exude such a strong inner calm that your fellow human beings have fallen for you almost like a guru. Speaking of the guru – this month you will meet someone who will open your eyes to your innermost desires and guide you in a direction that will change your whole life. This change can be of a professional or private nature. So stay open to new encounters, you will be rewarded with a lot of wisdom for it. 


We are proud of you, dear Scorpio ! You worked really hard on yourself this summer. Above all, you have learned that you cannot control everything in life, and certainly not your fellow human beings. This new serenity gives you the courage to plunge into the (online) dating scene. The good news: September could really be the right one for a long-term relationship. Important! Go on your dates with ease and fun and without great expectations – then it will mostly be better than expected.


Aquarius, we have to scold you. You are really carrying unnecessary legacies with you. But sometimes letting go is not that easy. But September means well to you. A person from the past with whom you still have an outstanding account is now back on your radar and wants to apologize to you. Our tip: Forgiveness can have a very liberating effect and let you step into the future with exhilaration. So listen to what the other person has to say and if you decide to leave it behind, then stop thinking about it and make peace – especially for yourself.

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