According to one study, women flee in affairs because they are disappointed that their husbands aren’t doing this thing

Why do women cheat?

Does a man who does not help with the house put his relationship at risk? According to the results of a survey by an online portal, that’s true. 10,000 women who use the affair portal “Gleeden” around the world were asked what the reason for their affair was. 72 percent of respondents said they cheat because their husband did not do enough housework. Conversely, this could also coincide with the results of a study by the University of Alberta, which showed that men who do not shy away from housework have more regular and more satisfying romance than those who do not lift a finger at home.

18 percent of the “Gleeden” users surveyed said that they would completely lose romantic interest in their partner if he did not participate in the household.

31 percent of women said they would get involved in an affair because they wanted to feel romantic and desired again. (By the way: Does our choice of profession determine our cheating potential? The makers of a British cheating portal say: Yes!

Another reason the women cited for cheating was that they were generally unhappy in their relationship. They receive too little attention from their partners, feel unloved and neglected both physically and emotionally. Or they have actually already concluded the relationship, but could not (yet) break away.


This surprising reason makes women cheat

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