This Is Your Anti-partner According To Your Zodiac Sign

Some zodiac signs are compatible and some are not. The most difficult relationships between zodiac signs are those that just don’t get along. These signs have nothing in common that makes communication difficult for them. For these relationships to work, people need to accept their differences and understand what makes the other tick.

But still every zodiac sign has a real anti-partner who should be avoided if possible. Find out which zodiac sign your anti-partner is!


Capricorns tend to be very responsible, hardworking, and dependable, and while Gemini have many admirable qualities, these do not belong to them.

Because these two zodiac signs come from two completely different mindsets, things can feel awkward between them. They try to get along, but without understanding how each other works, there is only confusion. 


For Aquarius, Cancer is the absolute anti-partner. Aquarius can be aloof, and Cancer is about sharing emotions with your partner.

Aquarius wants Cancer to really be himself, but he doesn’t want to be there when Cancer lets out its emotions freely. This could hurt the feelings of cancer and lead to discourse and confrontation.


Fish generally get along with most people. They prefer to live peacefully in a creative world that they have created themselves, while lions thrive when they are in the center of a crowd.

These two signs just don’t work on the same level, which can lead to misunderstanding and injury. It takes patience and understanding to get along. 


You probably know what happens when two incredibly stubborn people get into a situation. Not much, as neither of them are very good at compromising or seeing things from the other’s point of view.

Neither Aries nor Taurus likes to give in. Both signs also deal with problems completely differently, which can lead to tension. Aries takes some time to figure out what they want and Taurus needs to know exactly where the relationship is at all times.


Taurus tends to be possessive, and Aquarius men are much more independent. Aquarians, do not want to talk about feelings and prefer not to have to follow rules while Taurus needs affirmation.

Taurus like things to be stable, reliable and attach great importance to beautiful things. Aquarius doesn’t want to burden themselves with stuff. Both signs see life completely differently and it is difficult for either of them to understand where the other person is from. In the long run, however, it will make Taurus unhappy that Aquarius keeps withdrawing.


For the Gemini, the Virgo is a real anti-partner. Virgos like to be organized and have a sense of control at all times, while Gemini are much more unpredictable and spontaneous.

Gemini may find Virgo too sensitive and unbalanced and feel a bit restricted as a result. You’re both good at saying what’s on your mind, but if they get into an argument, the Virgo will likely feel hurt and Gemini won’t be good at it. 


Cancers are very emotionally sensitive, which can be dangerous when around a blunt ram. These two zodiac signs are known for getting into some pretty explosive fights. Cancer just wants to be understood, but Aries may not have the time and energy to provide emotional support.

If Aries reacts with a harsh word or an insensitive comment to something Cancer said, Cancer will hold it against Aries for a long time to come. Both are stubborn but in different ways, and if both of you aren’t patient and understanding, sooner or later it’ll pop.


Virgo is also an anti-partner for Leo. Virgos tend to be in control of a situation and don’t like it when Leo tries to boss them around.

If the Virgo gets angry with the lion, she holds it back until she can’t anymore and explodes. Virgos are also critical of others and Leos do not like being criticized, which can lead to animosity between the two. 


For Virgo, Sagittarius is an anti-partner. Virgo is far too cautious for Sagittarius, and Virgo does not understand the spontaneous nature of Sagittarius.

When these two signs try to come together in a romantic way, things can get messy because they don’t trust each other. Since they often misunderstand each other and misinterpret things, things can get very combative.


Libra don’t like conflict and would never argue if there wasn’t a sense of injustice. This is why it can be difficult, especially with a Scorpio.

Because Scorpios are passionate and enjoy discussing and arguing. Scorpios want drama and will provoke Libra. But just because she prefers harmony doesn’t mean she is weak; she will fight back if she has to.


Scorpio’s anti-partner is Leo. Both characters have very strong personalities and are prone to the dramatic and passionate. Unfortunately, there cannot be two dominants. The fights between these two are very intense and scary.

Both are manipulative and competitive and will fight until one or the other gets what they want. If Scorpio and Leo have a romantic relationship, their battles will not end well.


Both Sagittarius and Aries tend to speak before they think. You don’t want to be tactless, you want to be honest. Unfortunately, just because they can hand it out doesn’t mean they can take it, and that’s why both zodiac signs tend to hurt each other’s feelings.

Both like to venture out and experience new things, but Aries has a tendency to take things far too seriously, which Sagittarius doesn’t like.


This Is Your Anti-partner According To Your Zodiac Sign

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