This is why we cannot break up with our soulmate

No matter how hard we try, there’s just no way to break up with your soulmate. Even getting rid of a soul mate just seems impossible. But why is it like that?

It all starts with the first encounter with your soul mate. Meeting our soulmates can happen in the blink of an eye on an ordinary day, just like that, without warning. It can be a day we didn’t even know it was actually coming – and yet it changes the entire course of our lives.

One minute we were still living as we were without our soul mate and the next the energy rush, the vibrational shift, the encounter with a very special person turned our lives upside down.

Maybe we stumbled across this person on a rainy day, or maybe we stumbled upon them by a fun coincidence. Soulmates often come into our lives when we are going through a tough time and need help. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Most of the time it happens completely unannounced.

It doesn’t matter how it happens, what is important is that soulmates come into our lives and change it a lot. They move with the clouds and suddenly, although everything is the same, our life changes.

We are drawn to these people like a moth to a light source, and it doesn’t matter why or what’s in the way, we just know that we need to be close to that person – that soul who is somehow different to us than everyone else others. We collide with it like a thousand shooting stars and we feel that connection, that wholeness that comes from uniting with a soul with whom we have shared many lifetimes.

We feel the alignment of our thoughts, the depth of our emotions, the heights of spirituality. And then we love and the sparks fly. 

It was never a question of getting together. Because how could you not be together?

But as we often learn in life, love is never that easy and we don’t always end up with a soul mate. But somehow breaking up with a soulmate is still impossible. 

You try to fight the connection, but no matter what you do, you just can’t disconnect. And much more: You just can’t understand it.

Soulmates often don’t know what it is, or more importantly, what to do with it. At some point between all the mistakes, they realize that no matter how they feel about each other, they might have to break up. They have to say goodbye because they just can’t believe it would ever work.

So they go their separate ways and try with all their strength to finally let go. It doesn’t matter who wants to say goodbye, because both feel the cut in their souls – the two souls that were once perfectly matched.

And they’re both busy moving on with their lives.

They find happiness in the everyday moments that fill their hearts with love, but no matter how busy or distracted they are, it only takes a moment to quiet their minds and realize they can still feel it. They are soul mates.

The connection is still there and re-enters the consciousness of both of them every now and then. She lures her back into this relationship, which no matter how difficult, never felt wrong. It is the flame of a fire they never expected to be ignited further.

But the flame can never go out, because it’s just always been there.

It didn’t matter where the two travel, who else they love or who they sleep with – that soul mate is always there, because the touch burned deep into their skin and shaped their souls.

The souls imprinted one another, and with that there was no way to go back, not a moment to return to life as they had known it, or worse, all together to pretend they never existed.

And so these two people get back together and maybe break up more often. But that doesn’t matter. They love each other and run away, share their secrets and then pretend their relationship is nothing special. Soulmates laugh together and then sometimes choose to forget that they are the biggest reason to smile.

For even after all this time and all the wounds that have not yet healed, they are still not done – they still have not discovered the purpose for which their souls came into this life. Even if you have listed all the reasons why you shouldn’t love each other, do it anyway.

Again and again.

Perhaps hoping that the connection will tire, or that they’ll finally get a sign why they shouldn’t be here – but none of those hopes come true. One is always attracted to one’s soulmate – the person who came into our lives and changed everything by doing nothing but being themselves.

So maybe at some point we will finally give up on separating ourselves from this person. Perhaps we will surrender, or at least surrender, to this connection that we have never been able to define or name, and simply accept that love for what it is – a gift to us and part of our divine destiny.

Because the reality is, no matter how we try, we just can’t break up with a soulmate.

This is why we cannot break up with our soulmate

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