Pisces is difficult to calculate and guess their desires. You will never know what is really going on in their heads, and this often misunderstands them. Here are 10 reasons why Pisces is difficult to understand, but this is not so bad:

  1. Pisces – the 12th sign of the zodiac

Being the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces combines the characteristics of all the preceding signs. This means that Pisces has to constantly choose how to feel, which is why their partners, friends and relatives find it difficult to guess their mood.

Fish are rather indecisive, even relatively simple solutions. However, they are very open. Pisces is a friend who always says “yes” to a situation, request or action, even if the promise is subsequently postponed.

This combination of characteristics makes Pisces think before feeling. Yes, Pisces can be impulsive, but they always reflect before they act. So they always want to try something new.

  1. Pisces are always looking for new experiences.

Fishes are constantly looking for newness, but don’t let this mislead you; They are happy when their partner shares new experiences with them.

Fish will be happy in their relationship with someone as lively as they are.

If Pisces feels trapped, he or she will most likely turn to his impulsive side and choose change.

  1. They are compassionate and sympathetic.

Pisces is very sympathetic towards not only close ones, but also absolutely strangers. They will always console you if you need it and give a helping hand.

  1. They have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality.

Fish, deep down, dreamers. Neptune, who controls them, is a planet of illusions.

Fish rush from goal to goal, and sometimes these goals may not be feasible. However, for Pisces, they are quite achievable.

  1. They show sympathy

Fish is extremely sensitive. Sometimes they take on other people’s emotions, which entails ignoring and accumulating their own feelings. If you ever need a vest to cry on, Pisces will selflessly provide it to you.

  1. They can think clearly when left alone

Locking up in the room for an hour is commonplace for Pisces. Pisces must devote time to themselves in order to gather thoughts and renew energy.

  1. They are introverts

This means that they surround themselves with new people, but do not know when these people will move from the category of acquaintances to the category of friends.

Pisces find it difficult to be themselves with people with whom they do not feel a close connection. Because of this, they may behave closed or quiet, but in reality they are just curious about the lives of other people. That is why they say little and listen more.

  1. They take literally everyone

Fish see the best in people, which is why they can communicate and understand anyone. If they arrange a party where they will gather all their friends and acquaintances, you will be surprised by the heterogeneity of the public.

  1. They are hypersensitive.

The words cut deep into the vulnerable heart and fragile soul of Pisces, therefore, probably, they are so silent from time to time.

Be careful with your words and be honest with your feelings, because Pisces is very sensitive to other people’s emotions. If you feel stress, Pisces will understand this.

  1. They need a role model.

… And they are looking for it at all. If you feel that Pisces are equal to you, then it is.

Without the role model, Pisces feel lost and usually cannot decide what to do next.



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