There is a reason why they are called Scorpio. The most powerful of the zodiac signs, many are afraid. They are the sign that you surely do not want to face. I am the most faithful friend and the deadliest enemy. They do not believe in the status quo and you love or fear them. Determined and successful, Scorpion aims for the price. They are focused on what they want and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

In love, once he has decided to stay with you, they are resolved to devote themselves to loving you for eternity. Their affection is unshakable and they swear to love you at the height of their success and the disaster of tragedy. They don’t fall in love easily, but once you do, you can be sure that every part of their heart is named after you. Every promise they made will guarantee it will come to fruition.

When a Scorpion loves you, he does not hide the depth of his feelings and does not deceive you with confused actions. They establish a strong presence in all aspects of your life. Their feelings are built on the basis of the strongest effort that nothing can deter them. They leave no barrier between what they like and they will stop at nothing to eliminate any perceived threat to their relationship with you. You will surely fall in love with them over time.

In this superficial world, I am the embodiment of what is true. In this era of ephemeral attractions, they give you lasting love. In this unpredictable nature of love, they spend their time loving you. Falling in love with a Scorpion will give you the certainty that you will never be fooled. They are honest about their feelings and when they love you, you know it.

Loving a Scorpion doesn’t make every one. There is something about them that attracts everyone. It will be their charm, their mysterious or so extreme. Their love is unconditional. They just want to hold you and reassure you. They will never let you go and honestly, you will not even want to let them go.


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