This Is Why Aries Is Not Happy

This Is Why Aries Is Not Happy

When Aries is not happy, you will notice it on their face. Happiness is a challenging thing to achieve. Each sign has its reasons, but this is why Aries is not happy. The reason that interrupts his dreams, is that does not let him rest, which prevents him from moving forward and focusing on the small moments of happiness.

The reason you are not happy? Aries stops having that charm for living life when there is nothing but monotony around him. When routine floods his life with his slow pace. Aries can’t handle that, it makes him lose all the motivation that existed in his body.

When everything loses emotion, Aries deflates like a balloon, slowly. It is a sign that needs movement, needs war. You don’t want to be anchored in a very peaceful lifestyle, with no spark and nothing to fight for. He doesn’t want drama, that’s for sure. It may sound crazy, but it’s the truth. Deep down, Aries needs to be challenged, contradicted. You need to bring out all the energy that you have inside in one way or another. What better than in a heated discussion where both parties can release everything they carry inside, right? Aries needs that. He needs to vent and get all the mess out of him. You need to FEEL with all the letters.

Aries does not let himself be defeated just like that. He first takes out his nails and fights as much as he can, then if he has time left, he thinks about what he has done or said. But first, he acts. And the best of all? That he does not go with evil. He just acts on his instinct. He doesn’t fight to create more problems, he fights to solve and make his point of view very clear. But… What positive point does he get out of all this? Well, after the war, calm comes. And for Aries to be happy, he needs war.

To find peace, you first need to give a little war. After conflict comes reconciliation. No soft hugs and apologies. Aries reconciles hotly, passionately, and sincerely. And so, she hooks you. In the end, anyone will want to go to war with Aries.


This Is Why Aries Is Not Happy

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