This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Dating Behavior

Your Dating Behavior

Your zodiac sign not only tells you a lot about yourself but also about your dating behavior. Are you rather shy on the first date or are you more open? And what do you prefer to do? Tell us your zodiac sign and we’ll tell you how to date!

From cautious Cancer to impulsive Sagittarius, we’ve analyzed the zodiac signs and figured out how they date.


You don’t really care how your friends find your date because you don’t care much about the opinions of others. The main thing is that you like the guy! That’s why most of the time you don’t date the ” mainstream beauties,” but guys with rough edges and character.


It is important to you that you can talk well with your date. A date at the cinema or at a concert is not really your thing, because after all, you want to find out a lot about the person you are talking to. Steam chatterers have no chance with you – you like men who really have something to say.


As a sensitive Pisces sign, you read a lot between the lines. You interpret vibrations, gestures, and looks. And this is also reflected in your dating behavior. You give your counterpart a lot of attention and like to listen. Just be careful not to interpret too much of what is unspoken. Because you’re stressing yourself out more than necessary.


Experimentation is not your thing when it comes to dating behavior. On a first date, you like to be where you feel comfortable. You warm up relatively quickly and are a person who likes to talk and entertain – a date with you is guaranteed to be fun!


As a Taurus-born you are a real epicurean. You would never go to any pub on a date. Rather, it has to be either the great new cocktail bar or a nice restaurant. You also attach great importance to your appearance – and you expect the same from your date. If he comes in a sweaty shirt and worn-out sneakers, that’s a clear minus point for you.


Sitting still and talking for a long time is not your thing. You need action! Whether it’s on a sporty outdoor date or at a party – it’s important to you that you don’t miss out on having fun. Accordingly, your date must also be able to step on the gas. Bores are not your thing!


You are usually very nervous before and on a date. You have no reason at all because in your natural way you usually enchant your counterpart in no time. It is important to you that you are in a familiar environment and feel comfortable. You also value the opinions of others. Your date must be approved by your girlfriends beforehand.


You like to be charmed, so it’s important to you that your date is a real gentleman who listens to you and compliments you. In addition, he should take over the bill, that’s clear! When the sparks fly, you are very passionate. It can happen that you end up in bed with your date.


First-date that thing is not your thing at all. You need time: first to plan the date, to prepare for it, and finally to get involved with a guy. You are picky and don’t fall in love easily. If so, then it must be Mr. Perfect!


You are flexible and uncomplicated. A spontaneous date? No problem for you, because, unlike other women who spend hours styling themselves, you like to come as you are. You would also never pretend to please a guy.


Scorpio people love long, deep conversations. And it shows in your dating behavior, too. An evening in a cozy bar with lots of red wine and good conversation is your dream date. Superficial show-offs are not your thing. You find a man attractive when he has a mysterious aura and shows character.


You are passionate and impulsive. That’s why you never know what’s going to happen on a date with you. If you don’t like a guy, there may be times when you just walk away. But it can also happen that you end up in bed with your date on the first night.

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