Life is a give and take. But not all of us need the same thing: Depending on the zodiac sign , we have very specific wishes and demands on our environment. You can find out which ones are yours in the horoscope .

Aries: to be heard

Patience and calm are not characteristics that are associated with you. That is why it is particularly important to you that your fellow human beings listen carefully when you are talking to them. If you have to repeat yourself over and over again, you will feel as if you are being ignored and you can go to the ceiling.

Taurus: support

You combine two characteristics that are unusual in combination: You are stubborn, but also sensitive. Convincing yourself of a different opinion is practically impossible – nevertheless, there is not always self-confidence behind it. Although it often seems like you don’t need any help, you enjoy emotional support. Or just because of that!

Gemini: Laugh a lot

The moments when you are surrounded by people you love are the happiest for you. Here you can make your loved ones laugh and crack your jokes. For you, having fun and spending time together is THE panacea and you need a large dose on a regular basis.

Cancer: being cared for

With your sensitive, emotional nature, you need a good safety net: people with whom you can simply let yourself go and who will take care of you. This is just as important to you in friendships as it is in relationships, because this is the only way to recharge your battery.

Leo: love

Sure, we all long for love . But you, dear Leo , need a lot – from almost everyone with whom you have anything to do with. If you are in a bad mood, angry or sad, the best encouragement is to give yourself a lot of attention and kind words.

Virgo: goodness

Even though you are an analytical, logical zodiac sign, being friendly is most important to you in life. You don’t have time for blasphemy, arrogance and competitive battles, and you firmly believe that a friendly coexistence would solve many problems. If people are kind to you, you give it back to them twice.

Libra: understanding

As a diplomacy artist, you often stand between the fronts and have to show understanding for both sides. In the same way, you wish that your fellow human beings understand you too, no matter what the situation. For you, there is nothing that removes you more from your loved ones than the feeling of not being understood.

Scorpio: inspiration

You can develop a passion for almost anything and have a great interest in the world. This passion is sparked by inspiration. You will be inspired always and everywhere, but also in partnerships and friendships you make sure that people inspire you with new ideas and thoughts.

Sagittarius: freedom

It would be an understatement to say that you don’t like being restricted. Rather, it feels like you are out of breath. Feeling free is therefore the most important thing in life for you. Fortunately, if you try, you can always find ways to keep that feeling in different situations.

Capricorn: loyalty

Capricorns are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac and stand behind their fellow human beings without any ifs or buts. But they also want the same level of loyalty the other way around: For them, loyalty is the greatest proof of love and gives them an important feeling of security.

Aquarius: be authentic

Sometimes you feel very afraid of losing yourself in the capitalist, fast-paced world. No matter what, you want to stay with yourself and be true to yourself. This gives you support in the most difficult phases and is also a strong basis for your self-confidence.

Pisces: connectedness

Although you often disappear into your own world, what happens between you and other people is at least as important to you. Your main concern is to achieve a special level of intimacy and connectedness. With friends and partners, you want to develop a very special bond that cannot be destroyed that easily.


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