This Is What You Can Expect From The Entry Of Mars In Sagittarius In 2021

This Is What You Can Expect From The Entry Of Mars In Sagittarius In 2021

This maximum fire transit will leave an indelible mark. Mars enters Sagittarius on December 13 and stays there until January 24, 2022, it is a phenomenon that will invite us to reflect, explore and close stages. The energy it gives off will make us see the good side of things and trust our instincts more. If you want to know more details about this transit, read on because this is what you can expect from the entry of Mars into Sagittarius in 2021:


This astrological phenomenon comes in the form of a lucky charm. This is Aries, good fortune is just around the corner. Express what you want and what you need out loud, things may happen that you don’t even imagine can happen. You have the energy, you have the desire, the joy, the power, and the gift to be the best leader, so go for it.


Focus on what you want right now, it’s the right time to bet big. Taurus, you have a lot of vision when it comes to finances, so focus as hard as you can and start moving chips. Prepare for the best and do not let fear stop you, if you have no doubts about yourself, you will come out with a victory in your hands.


This could be a very emotional period for you, there are ties that are going to be strengthened and ties that are going to break forever. You deserve to take the burden off yourself once and for all. You are a very involved person with your people, Gemini, and it is about time you got more involved in yourself. The entrance of Mars into Sagittarius brings rewards, new opportunities, and beautiful moments, so enjoy.


You want to shut a lot of your mouths, Cancer, and at some point, you will be able to do it, but now it’s time to wait. You feel unstoppable because you ARE, so don’t hesitate to invest that overwhelming energy in building your future. Take your mental, physical and emotional health very seriously, because great things come and there you will show who is boss here.


The entry of Mars into Sagittarius is the spark that was needed for your fire to do its thing. Now, Leo, let everyone get ready because you are going to turn on the engine of passion to the fullest. If you want more romance in your life, relax and don’t try to control every detail. You will meet new people and if you already have a partner, you will experience much more with them …


This astrological phenomenon is going to awaken you to a new need: to find balance in your life. Virgo, this is what you can expect from the entry of Mars into Sagittarius in 2021. It may be difficult for you, but it will make you feel invincible and stronger. It will also help you change a lot of your thoughts. Now, be very careful with being more irritable than necessary, it is what it is, Virgo, you have to be more optimistic.


The planet Mars is going to provide you with inspiration, but the last word is up to you, Libra. If you are in a creative process with something that you are very excited about, do not stop. Go ahead, go ahead with your ideas, and work hard to keep connecting with your surroundings. It is a perfect transit to get to know yourself better and know what it is you really want.


The entrance of Mars in Sagittarius is like an alarm so that you remember something very important: patience is a virtue that can do a lot of good in your work life. You are impatient with many things, so now you have to think about things differently. Do it for yourself and for your peace of mind, so you won’t end up like a cricket cage.


The entrance to Mars is going to be a rush for you. You are going to trust your instinct more because, in the end, you have seen that it is the smartest option. You will begin to cut ties and strengthen others who are more neglected. You are going to take seriously the relationship you have with your self-love and you are going to do everything that you stopped doing due to lack of time or illusion. Come on Sagittarius, you already have tasks.


Be careful with contained emotions, this triumphal entry can turn your life upside down in a moment. You are as dangerous as a volcano, it may seem that you are absolutely calm and out of nowhere, ZAS. And how you could react like a volcano, the best thing is that you go letting everything you want to leave behind once and for all.


There are things that are not as perfect as they seem and you have doubts in some aspects, but you are a responsible person and you like to act with intelligence. The energy that this phenomenon is going to give you is perfect to close a chapter that is already too boring. You’re ready to take a big risk, so go for it …


Take a look around you, Pisces. what do you want? What are you missing? Are you in the right place? You are very lazy to answer all those questions, but you have to do it if you want to clean your life on many levels. You’re in luck, the entrance of Mars into Sagittarius is the starting gun, so go for it.


This Is What You Can Expect From The Entry Of Mars In Sagittarius In 2021

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