This is what the perfect marriage proposal looks like for you, according to your zodiac sign

You will probably think back to your proposal for a lifetime. Your children and grandchildren may even ask you about it. Basically, you’ll tell this story forever, so it’s better if it’s good.

Since zodiac signs play a big role in our personality, it also means that each zodiac sign has a certain idea of ​​how the perfect marriage proposal should go. Perhaps you want something that includes your family and friends, or you might prefer it to be completely private and romantic by candlelight. 

This is what your ultimate marriage proposal looks like, according to your zodiac sign:


You value tradition more than any other zodiac sign. Because of this, a very traditional proposal will blow your mind. Getting your father’s permission is very important, and classic speech with one knee bent is an absolute must. You would also like to have a traditional gold ring to pass on to your children or grandchildren. So if your partner includes tradition and family in the proposal, everything is perfect!


You are constantly thinking outside the box and in fact you sometimes wonder if you even believe in the institution of marriage. If you believe in marriage, you’ll need a very original proposal. It should be resourceful and different. As an Aquarius, you always want to feel special and different from the flock. You would definitely like a marriage proposal on TV or something fancy. 


You are intuitive and wise. And if your man is planning a proposal for you, you will likely feel the change in his emotions once he starts planning. You will know that something is coming, but you will not know what it is. Because you are so resourceful and in touch with your emotions, it would be ideal if he finds an inventive way to express his emotions to you. The ring will be the last thing you would think of while proposing. You will care much more about how much you will love your fiancé and your future life together. 


 You would love a surprise proposal because you are a thrill seeker. Since this would be your biggest surprise ever, you would remember it forever. Since you usually set the tone in many situations, a surprise proposal will also prove to you that your husband knows how to take responsibility. You are a trendsetter and would love a ring that is a little different. For you, a black diamond, pearl or sapphire would be ideal.


You will love a proposal that has all of your favorite people gathered together. You are reliable and dedicated, with your family and friends being the most important thing in your life. You are not conspicuous and do not need a large, fancy application. What you would like is a simple proposal that involves your friends and family in some way. Whether it is in front of everyone or if they are waiting to attend the celebration, you will be glad that your future husband has thought of everyone.


It has to be a surprise proposal for you too. This will appeal to your free spirited nature. But you should only be proposed if your partner is really sure that you are ready to settle down. Because you’re nervous and indecisive too. Relationships are not entirely natural to you as you live for change. His proposal should reflect that he knows this about you and he should be ready for a life with your unpredictable nature.


One thing is certain: you will cry. There is really no way around it. If he falls to his knees, you will burst into tears. This is due to your extremely emotional personality. You also value your friends and family. Because of this, an heirloom ring with emotional meaning would be perfect for you. For example, it could be his great-grandmother’s ring from the 20s because it is beautiful and has emotional value. Or he plans the application in the same place that his father selected for his mother. Then your heart would almost explode.


You don’t mind if all eyes are on you. Indeed, you thrive in the spotlight. If people are not paying attention to you, you are more likely to be a problem. So a great public proposal is definitely an option for you. If he was singing you a song while a plane full of people watched, you would love that. You are looking for something great and you value creativity. A public proposal with a personal note would be ideal.


You are shy and often worry about what people think of you. Your self-critical nature would turn a large, public proposal into a nightmare. You would be too busy with the people watching you to really enjoy the moment. Instead, you want an affection, low-key proposal. The application should still address your feminine sensitivity. You like being treated like a lady, so something traditional or romantic is perfect. 


You too love romance and even tend to romanticize everything in your life. Because of this, a proposal that maximizes the romance factor is perfect. In your opinion, there is never too much romance. There should be flowers, candles, doves, balloons, and moonlight.   Of course, the application is the high point in life for you. This is why your partner should really make an effort. And a ring shouldn’t be missing either! It should be simple but also stylish. 


You are passionate and romantic charged. When you’re in love, you find it difficult to keep your hands off your loved one. In fact, you’re so passionate about the application that it works best in a private location as it won’t necessarily be family-friendly. You want to tell your friends and shock them with the funny details. Because of this, a strange application will work very well for you. A proposal in a luxury hotel room would also be something you would love – rose petals, a bed, and lots of privacy.


You love the freedom to explore a new city and culture and at the same time leave the stress of work behind you. Because of this, you would love it if your husband proposed to you while you were on vacation. Whether it’s a big, romantic adventure in Paris or just a weekend getaway to a local beach, a vacation proposal is ideal for you. Plus, you’d love a proposal with a few jokes. It would prove that he understands your sense of humor, which is very important to you as a partner.


This is what the perfect marriage proposal looks like for you, according to your zodiac sign

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