When we’re sad, we usually know immediately which number to dial. Which voice we need to make us feel much better. And even if we are in a really good mood and want to experience something, we don’t have to scroll through the WhatsApp contact list for too long. Because somehow we always associate the same qualities with people, for which we value them so much.

Our horoscope tells you which character traits other zodiac signs love us.

This is what other zodiac signs appreciate about you


Your glass is always half full – because if there is one thing that sets you apart, it is your pure optimism. You are a real sunshine, usually go around the world with a big grin and infect everyone with your zest for life! You can just love so much positive vibes.


Throwing a birthday party spontaneously? Planning an event? Or even your own wedding? For you as a virgin no problem at all, because you are a real talent for organization! Others not only love your structured way of working, but above all the calm with which you approach things. Keep it up!


If there’s one thing you absolutely can’t stand for, it’s arguments. That’s why you take on the mediating role in such tense situations and try to smooth things over. It is precisely this kind that needs harmony that is appreciated by those who are close to your heart – because not everyone finds it as easy as you to always keep a cool head.


Your fellow human beings admire your incredible perseverance: Once you’ve got something in your head, you have to put it into practice – come what may! Your work colleagues especially appreciate this quality and are happy to be on your team. After all, who better to implement large projects with than you?


Curious, adventurous and in love with life – this is probably the best way your friends would describe you. With you you can climb the highest mountain, climb into the deepest gorge or marvel at the world from above with a parachute: you are simply up for any fun.


You are the number on the cell phone that you can always dial. You are the person to be relied on. You are solid as a rock. Because with your incredibly patient and understanding nature you always manage to be a support to your friends in difficult times. And for that they love you.


Creating stylish outfits, taking cool photos, giving the room a new look – you like to do all of these things for your life. Because no matter what you pick up, with your creative nature you will give everything your own, super individual handwriting. Hats off!


You have a very gentle, compassionate manner that other people appreciate about you. With grief of any kind, one can always come to you and be sure that you have a shoulder to lean on. It’s worth so much!


As a fire sign, you are a real bundle of energy – and it’s a lot of fun to go around the houses with you until late at night. Keep this power, because you can achieve a lot with it during the day!   


Taurus-born creatures are creatures of habit, so it is not surprising that they can count their childhood friends on their fingers. Because why make new friends again and again when the old ones still prove themselves to this day?

You can always be there for your group of selected people. Especially with your calm manner you can score points with people who are close to your heart.


Sometimes other people can only shake their heads in amazement, because no matter which party they are at with you: You always manage to get to know a handful of new people. Because you are the champ of small talk!

So your friends will experience unforgettable evenings with cool people with you. Nice!


“Psst … don’t say anything, I know that …” Does this sentence sound familiar to you? Could it be coming out of your mouth a lot? Cancer-borns, at least it seems, have a seventh sense of emotion and know without many words how their favorite people are doing. And it is precisely this sensitive manner that others particularly appreciate about them.  

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