This Is What Happens In Your Brain When You Meet Your Soulmate

5 weird things that happen in your mind when you find your soul mate.

Every time you fall in love, you feel like you become a completely different person.

Your behavior changes. Your tastes and habits also change. You also have the feeling that the whole world is shaking and feeling the same as you.

But, when you meet “the good one”, ie your soul mate, this person affects your body and your mind in an even more drastic and unexpected way.

You may be wondering how you can be sure that you have met your soul mate. Well, the answer is quite simple: your brain tells you.

You constantly think about your partner. The woman in love in you wants to sing on the way to work. You want to jump everywhere to shout your love to the world.

And you can thank your hormones for that! Indeed, when you fall in love, it creates a chemical response in your brain.

So your behavior and your way of thinking change.

To be a little clearer: being in a romantic relationship with the right person creates a completely different state of mind than when you’re single or in a relationship, but unhappy.

A natural adjustment occurs and you begin to see the world in a new way.

You go from a period where you made decisions alone to a period where you make decisions together by making compromises and taking into account the needs, desires and desires of the other.

Of course, every romantic relationship is different. But, when you are comfortable, happy and madly in love with a man, your attitude changes.

And, it is normal!

Big positive changes


The most significant changes you will notice are in your positivity.

When you are with your soul mate, you become more optimistic and you have more confidence in yourself.



Indeed, in the past, you may have been a cynical or pessimistic person. Surely you had a tendency to be far too critical of yourself.

Besides, you most certainly saw the world and modern society as soul suckers who only shared negative information and tragedies in order to make people depressed and stressed.

Am I wrong ? Your universe was quite sad actually, because you had almost lost hope. You no longer trusted people and you no longer believed that kindness and generosity existed.

Eventually, you were on the verge of anxiety and depression. Everything was gloomy around you. But meeting your soul mate can completely change the way you think.

All of a sudden, you will understand that you focus more on the positive side of every situation.

You will learn to see the good side of people. So, instead of first noticing someone’s selfishness, for example, you will see their ability to listen.

The future will seem brighter and more promising to you. And, you will no longer have the impression of living in an endless vicious circle.

In short, when you meet your soul mate, you no longer see the glass half empty, but half full!

The negativity of the world and your surroundings seems less brutal and depressing to you because, for once, you are focused on love.

Trust in you


This regained optimism then allows you to have more self-confidence. All of a sudden, you seem better equipped to face life.

When you are with your soul mate, you become more courageous, because this love gives you energy to spare.

It boosts your self-confidence and pushes you to be more reckless, as if nothing scares you anymore.

Suddenly, your problems don’t seem insurmountable. You even seem to have the answer to everything.

“Oh, can’t we afford to buy a new television?” No problem, I’ll find a little job on the Net to supplement my income. »

Your soul mate comforts you. And, having that special someone by your side feeds your strength and courage.

This man helps you make decisions and shares with you the responsibilities of daily life.

So solving your problem(s) is much easier. You feel less stressed, because you have the support of an incredible man.

And, in addition to loving him infinitely, you also feel his respect and his love. For once, you’re not the only one trying hard and compromising.

You are not the only one to invest yourself completely. And you’re not the only one madly in love: he’s as crazy about you as you are about him!

The 5 chemical reactions caused by your meeting with your soul mate


In addition to becoming more optimistic and confident, you may notice five other differences in your behavior.

If, as I said before, your attitude changes as soon as you fall in love, your behavior does a 180° when you are with the right person.

This change is not negative. On the contrary… It brings you a new vision of the world and a new perspective.

Thanks to your soul mate, you open up to unknown horizons, but you are not afraid since he is by your side.

1. You lose some of your judgment skills.


Love makes you blind ! You’ve probably heard that hundreds of times. But there is a scientific explanation for this.

The amygdala, which is normally the organ that warns you of danger, can “turn off”.

Let me explain… The amygdala is a survival mechanism that alerts you when a situation is perilous, but when you fall madly in love, it slows down its functioning.

Thus, your judgment is no longer as acute as before. And, that’s why you can make irrational decisions.

Besides, it’s also what explains why you don’t see your partner’s faults or bad habits.

So… Yes… Love does make you blind!

2. You are addicted to your partner.


Ah, the dopamine! It is this hormone that is responsible for the intense feeling of pleasure and reward.

However, the flood of dopamine that you feel when you are with your soul mate, feels like a thrill.

It is as if you are experiencing a sudden desire or urge. And that leads to behaviors that are almost addictive.

You start writing your partner’s name in all your notebooks, you think of him when you’re at work and you find it hard to do without him.

In short, dopamine lights up the same parts of your brain as addiction. So, yes… We can really say that you become addicted to your partner.

3. You feel safer.


Once you find your soul mate, your brain starts releasing oxytocin and vasopressin.

These two hormones reinforce feelings of security, attachment and satisfaction.

Then, as time goes by, you feel more and more comfortable and secure in your relationship, so the level of cortisol begins to decrease.

You relax even more then! So while over time you and your partner are less on each other (to put it politely), you also have fewer emotionally unstable periods.

That is to say, your romantic relationship becomes more stable and resilient since both of you are more confident and relaxed.

4. You’re lovely!


As soon as you start thinking about your partner, you feel like hundreds of butterflies are flapping their wings in your stomach.

Thanks to norepinephrine, a cousin of adrenaline, the feeling of love translates into excitement and faster heartbeat.

For you, there is therefore nothing more exciting than seeing your partner. And maybe more !

5. You feel more connected to others.


When you bond with someone, your brain releases oxytocin. It’s a pretty nice feeling since it allows you to create more connections.

Oxytocin pushes you to trust others more, to be more intimate with them and to form more sincere bonds.

Besides, it also gives you a sense of security that helps you connect more easily with others.

Not only do you feel closer to the people you love, but because oxytocin is also involved in the process of social connections, you also feel closer to people in general.

Contrary to what you might think, falling in love is mainly a brain reaction.

He does all the work. And it is he who is at the origin of the main transformations that you feel.

This Is What Happens In Your Brain When You Meet Your Soulmate

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