Not many people understand this, but being single is actually a blessing, and there is absolutely nothing wrong or sad about it.

Undoubtedly, being single leaves you prone to people ridiculing you. Your friends are constantly looking for a partner for you, your relatives ask you when to settle down, advise you to lower your standards, or worse, point out what seems wrong with you, that you are still single are.

Don’t listen to them.

Just smile. Give them that cute, sarcastic smile when they’re curious about your status. You don’t have to explain. You don’t have to be defensive. You don’t have to act like a pushover if they make it a central issue. How about you scoff at them with all the drawbacks they experience in a relationship? Was just a joke. That’s not how we play, honey. Instead, show them how blessed you are.

Being single becomes a blessing when you just notice every good thing it gives you.

Check out how you can use your finances the way you want. When you’ve become attached to someone, you can’t help but spend on them. You buy gifts. Sometimes you pay for their meals, loan them when they are in need, swipe your cards for them when theirs are declined, save on the fare when you’re in a long-distance relationship, and so on.

In contrast, as a single you can save for your future or treat yourself to more. You learn to manage your finances by thinking about how to use them wisely without thinking about another person!

When it comes to your career , you have a sharper focus. You don’t worry about others who might be waiting for your time with them. You won’t be distracted. You can choose to study and get more professional qualifications simply because you have more time. You can achieve your dreams without compromise. And when you have achieved it, you can proudly say that you did it independently.

Speaking of independence, I think that is the greatest blessing that being single can give. You learn how to deal with life situations without romantic support. You face it with your own brave soul. You astonish people by walking the trials of life with your own feet and fighting them with your own fists.

You don’t see being alone as a weakness, but as a strength. A strength that immature people cannot understand. They may always look down on you; pity yourself for living alone, traveling alone, eating alone, driving alone, drinking coffee alone. But the truth is that you feel more sorry for them because they can’t enjoy life without someone. You are fools. They live from the presence of others. And you? You nail it down. You live your life with a sense of completeness.

Being in a relationship doesn’t make someone more blessed.

No, it’s not a higher level than being single. A person who is single is just as blessed as another who is in a relationship. Nobody is ahead. It’s about different phases, not speeds.

So don’t look down on yourself. Never consider it retarded. Never question your worth and your beauty. Accept your status with pride. Wave the flag and show the world how happy independent you are. Dance to the music of life without worrying about stepping on someone.


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