An expert reveals: When two people are about to break up, the conversations usually look like this

This is the text of couples who will soon split up

If the online dating specialist Eric Resnick has his way, the (digital) conversation between two partners shows that the relationship is about to end. For example, the following characters, as he told “Elite Daily”.

More discussions

While you used to send funny pictures and nice messages back and forth, you suddenly have discussions on Whatsapp. This means that you can no longer easily overlook the small things that bother you about your partner and therefore want to vent your displeasure directly. If you want to work on your relationship and avoid a breakup, Eric Resnick advises you to clarify disputes and discussions personally – this will avoid misunderstandings.

Fewer conversations

Do you and your partner only clarify the bare essentials via cell phone? For example, dinner planning or other organizational matters? “Couples who are about to break up tend to ignore each other’s messages or only respond sporadically,” explains Eric Resnick. This is mainly due to the fact that the conversation with the partner becomes less important for the other and no longer has first priority.

Less loving messages

When was the last time you wrote to your partner by his nickname? According to Eric Resnick, the little things make all the difference. An example: “Honey, what would you like to eat tonight?” sounds much friendlier than “What should we eat tonight?” If the little caresses are lost in your messages, it could shed some light on the status of your relationship.


This is the text of couples who will soon split up


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