This is the symbol of your soul after the month of your birth

Your soul is the real you. It is who you really are and is completely free from the pressures and expectations of the people around you. If you are interested in analyzing your personality or if you want to know more about the real you, then you should understand the connection between the month of your birth and the symbol that belongs to your soul according to that month. 

Which symbol belongs to the month of your birth and is therefore the symbol of your soul? Find out!

January: The dragon

You are not only the firstborn of the year, but also the born role model that everyone can follow. Your inner strength is powerful and you carry an energy within you that gives you the courage to face all the obstacles in this world. Nothing and nobody can stop you. However, don’t let your strong temperament take you too far. Because that could cause you trouble. Try to keep your anger under control.

February: The Phoenix

The phoenix easily falls into the darkness of its soul, but its positive spirit, charismatic soul and pure heart give it the strength to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. You have a lot of sensitivity. You are struggling to accept humanity for who it is and to accept yourself for who you really are. Learn to fight for yourself and learn to accept reality.

March: Yin and Yang

You are fascinated by the concept of balance and want to bring order into your life. You value fairness, honor and commitment, but sometimes you get lost in selfishness and malice. Try not to be so emotional because all around us there are a few toxic people here and there who run the world. Grow and make sure you get stronger. And be happy with who you are.

April: the lion

People with this symbol have a close relationship with the spirits of all beings who are wild, outrageous, dominant, brave and undisputed. You want to be in the spotlight and want your word to be the last. You will always fight as hard as you can to dominate others. This makes you stable and successful in life, but you need to show more respect and empathy for others. Try to find the softest side of your soul and let it control your mind and body. 

May: The wolf

Your determination in life is to get stronger, bigger, and more powerful, but all to help the pack. You are extremely loyal and that is what you value about other people as well. On the other hand, you love being alone and you also value individuality and uniqueness. However, your loneliness is your drug, and as a result, many people around you feel hurt and neglected. Try to get them to understand your nature. You do everything for the people you love, but you still need to spend more time with those who mean a lot to you.

June: the fish

You are all about fun and freedom. If you could, you would live a life without responsibility and just follow your heart no matter where it leads you. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic, so sometimes you need to remember to focus on the task at hand. Your greatest strength is your instinct. So don’t ignore him.

July: the fire

There is nothing that drives and motivates you more than the passion that burns deep within you, whether it is about your hobbies, your career or the relationships in your life. If something is important to you, you won’t stop at anything to put it first. However, you need to be aware that if you don’t keep it under control, this can lead to an obsession.

August: the horse

You were born to run free, much like a horse running wild through the fields and pastures. Your love of freedom triggers an appetite for adventure in you, so you are always looking to try something new and exciting. Despite everything, you still have an incredible work ethic and understand that there is a time for work and a time for fun. This will bring you great success in life.

September: the flower

You have a beautiful and innocent soul that brings joy and happiness to everyone who meets you. Much like a flower growing in the wild, your presence can bring beauty to the world around you and remind others to slow down and enjoy the life they have been given more. You exude warmth, calm and peace in everything you do.

October: the star

You are not afraid to pursue your goals and dreams, but you often forget to take care of yourself in the process. Don’t forget who you really are inside yourself and remember that you have to do everything for yourself, not for others. Stay in touch with those you really love and keep your positive energy.

November: the tree

You are like a tree that supports the branches with its strong roots and trunk. You are the one who takes care of everyone and you really love it. You want to follow the path of others to fulfillment and happiness, because you have empathic skills and you always see the big picture. However, don’t forget that you have your own problems and struggles. Be aware that your individual purpose may not be social and that your own success is something you really deserve.

December: The water

You are like water because you are a flowing and changing person with strong adaptive abilities. You know how to protect yourself from all negative external influences. When a big storm hits your life, you tend to withdraw into your shell and gather strength. These are the moments when you need to be adaptable to fight and show your strength.


This is the symbol of your soul after the month of your birth

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