The longer a relationship lasts, the harder it is to realistically see whether it really makes you happy. This one sign shouldn’t be overlooked

How happy are you in your relationship?

Once you’re in a relationship, it’s hard to look at it realistically. Are you really happy? Is that really love? Or do you rely a lot more on the habits of living together that have become so pleasant and comfortable and consider them to be happiness?

That one sign can tell when your relationship isn’t as perfect for you as you might think.

Once in relationships, some people tend to give up a great deal of themselves. They adapt so much, consciously or unconsciously, that in the end there are hardly any two individuals left, just the couple. That may sound like great harmony and it may look as if two are fighting together against the pitfalls of everyday life. But often too much of each individual is lost in the process.

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The change is creeping up

Often people do not even notice that they are changing. In many cases, they are also changed by the partner – consciously or unconsciously – and shaped according to their ideas. But it also happens that people adapt so strongly on their own in order to bend the relationship towards the desired ideal. It is all the more important to keep asking yourself how much you still recognize yourself in the relationship.

In order to be permanently happy in a partnership, it is important that both partners have enough freedom to continue to be themselves. When you get to a point where you can no longer say for sure what exactly defines you, or what of the typical characteristics that you liked so much about yourself are still there (e.g. thirst for adventure or independence ), this is a pretty sure sign that the relationship is not ideal for you.

But what is the best way to behave in this situation? Sincerely ask yourself if you are happy with this version of yourself. If you miss traits in yourself, this is a clear sign that this relationship does not make you – that is, the person you actually are or once were – not really happy.

You don’t have the impression that you have lost yourself in the relationship? Then check whether you agree with your partner on these three points , because these are just as essential for long-term happiness.


This is the sign of an unhealthy relationship

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