This is the perfect age to marry, according to your zodiac sign

What is the perfect age to get married? If you take a look at the stars, you can see that there is THE perfect age to marry for every zodiac sign. Which one is yours?

According to science, the perfect age for marriage is between 28 and 32 years. Because during this time, couples have a very good chance of having a long-term relationship. The divorce rate for couples before and after this age range is higher on average. According to studies, you should preferably not get married after the age of 32 if you want to keep the chance of a divorce low. Because this increases by 5 percent every year after the age of 32. 

However, one should not be put off by these numbers. Because love can be great at any age and last until old age. It is not uncommon for everyone’s character to play an important role here. And this is where our zodiac signs come in. You can give us an insight into the different characters of the zodiac signs and thus determine the perfect age for marriage. 

So what’s the perfect marriage age, according to your zodiac sign?


Ibex are considered to be particularly solid and rational. That is why they know early on whether someone has the potential to be a permanent partner or not. A Capricorn quickly makes nails with heads and does not have to think long. That is why his perfect age for marriage is also between the beginning and the middle of 20.


Aquarians constantly need new impulses and are always looking for exciting encounters. They love their freedom and try to avoid boredom as much as possible. They don’t want to commit themselves in the early years of their lives because they think they can miss something. That’s why the best age for an Aquarius to get married is between the mid-40s and early 50s.


Fish are very romantic creatures, but also very vulnerable. You dream of great love and want to promise yourself someone with whom you can be happy for a lifetime. Fish, therefore, take a little longer with the choice of partner. By the early 30s at the latest, a fish will ensure that it gets under the hood.


The best wedding age for her is in her mid-30s. Aries want to enjoy life as much as possible. Although they have been with someone for a long time, they may not feel ready for a wedding yet, and it is a bad idea to urge them to do so. When the time of their youthful moments is over, they will be ready to accept the love of their life. 


The best age for the bull is in its early 30s. The bull is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, but that is not the reason for a quick marriage. Bulls like to take their time with the wedding so that they can choose their partner wisely and so that the marriage lasts a lifetime.


The best wedding age for people born under the twin sign is between the mid-30s and early 40s. Twins expect their relationship to be perfect. Before you decide on the next step, it takes a long time because you don’t have to hurry to make important decisions. You first weigh up all the advantages and disadvantages.


The best age for cancer to marry is in the twenties. Crabs don’t think long about marriage because when they meet “the one person” they simply know that the person is the only one. In addition, you are right in most cases! If you feel like you have a soul mate by your side, you are ready to settle down.


When it comes to the lion, the best wedding age for him is before he turns 40. Lions don’t think about marriage beforehand and always try to put this thought aside. Lions know that marriage is something they need to take care of and care for. And they want to do it as best as possible.


The best age for her to get married is in her mid-twenties. The virgin hovers on cloud nine when she’s in love and trusts someone so she wants to get married quickly. She loves practical things, so confirming the relationship through a wedding is one of her dreams. Virgins want to do it quickly and don’t need big ceremonies. If you love, you are ready to do it here and now.


The best wedding age for scales is between the early twenties and mid-twenties. They don’t like talking around the bush when it comes to their plans and intentions. It’s the same with their wedding, they do it when they see fit. Getting married at a young age is a good solution since the scales are mature enough to make decisions. When they make decisions, it’s forever!


The best wedding age for her is just before the age of forty. Scorpions are spirited and want to experience and see as much as possible. In addition, they want to meet as many people as possible and certainly don’t take the first best. Only when the idea of ​​a wedding seems quite pleasant to you will you start planning a wedding. 


The best age for them to get married is between the early 30s and late 30s. They are not yet ready for a serious relationship and are not even considering a wedding. They are too busy with their adventures. When shooters find someone special and propose a wedding to them, they will slowly start thinking about it. Only then can it become a reality.


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