Which zodiac sign is the least sporty of all? An answer to this question is of course not that easy to find. Nevertheless: some zodiac signs are known for not being quite as agile and athletically motivated as the others. We therefore took a close look at all the signs of the zodiac and started looking for the most unsporting of the 12 signs. But who is the couch potato among the Sternis ? Watch out!

The Taurus: the most unsportsmanlike zodiac sign of all

Jogging in the morning, jumping rope or football in the playground at lunchtime and after school to handball, volleyball or horse riding … that could probably never happen to the bull. While others strive for athletic endurance, a well-trained body and a good workout, this zodiac sign prefers to spend the whole day on the couch. In fact, there are very few reasons for the Taurus to peel off his warm bed and leave the house. This mainly includes things like getting food, going to the cinema, meeting friends to watch a movie or going to the swimming pool and hanging out in the whirlpool for hours.

Sports? Bulls never do without a reason

Taurus is really very difficult to motivate to exercise. They know that a healthy diet is important and that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle – but the weaker self is usually just too big. Sport is simply too strenuous for the leisurely Taurus. Then there is also the sore muscles … oh, noooo, THAT really doesn’t please the sensual Taurus at all. It is important that people with this unsportsmanlike zodiac sign learn that not every kind of movement has to lead to total exhaustion.Walking is also a sport! In addition, Taurus could find activities that fit their relaxed lifestyle. Hiking with an integrated picnic, swimming in the outdoor pool followed by a nap in the sun, golfing or cycling – all this and much more are great ways to get the unsportsmanlike bull moving. Important: good friends and tasty, healthy snacks are a must. For that extra portion of motivation!


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