We all have different strengths, weaknesses, fears. But some of them come to light more often than others. This is exactly where the horoscope helps us : It reveals which secrets we have depending on the zodiac sign . Or what kind of secret fears …

Your zodiac sign has this secret fear

Aries: Losing your independence

The only thing worse for you than losing in an argument is being addicted. In situations where you have to rely on other people and circumstances, you feel constricted and anxious. You would much prefer to take all responsibility yourself. Just keep in mind that there is a difference between compromise, trust, and dependency.

Taurus: Financial uncertainty

As down-to-earth and calm as you are, you need a certain amount of stability. Especially financially! You enjoy the little things in life, but you also enjoy a certain luxury. So if you are not sure whether you can afford it or what the near future looks like financially, you panic. That’s why you prefer to stick to jobs where you can count on your regular paycheck.

Gemini: Making the Wrong Decision

There’s a reason you’re so volatile: you always want to make the very best decision. The very thought of regretting a decision later makes you shaky. You’d rather take your time until the last second to be on the safe side.

Cancer: leaving your comfort zone

It is not without reason that your zodiac sign bears the name of an animal that retreats into its shell when in danger. You are generally a more anxious guy and like to stay in your comfort zone. Here you know your way around and can feel safe. Even if you sometimes pretend you don’t mind venturing into new waters, you are terrified of it.

Leo: To be ignored

Attention is the most important thing for you – in all interpersonal relationships. As long as you feel that you are receiving a lot of attention, everything is okay. Because your biggest fear is that you will simply be ignored. Even if someone does not respond to your joke, it pulls in your stomach. Just be careful not to base all of your self-esteem on confirmation from others.

Virgo: To be wrong

You always add your mustard and think you know how things are going. Most of the time that’s true, that’s why you like to lean far out of the window. But if you are not right and you have to admit a mistake, it hurts you a lot more than others. To prevent that from happening, you always think twice and three times about what you are saying and what advice you are giving.

Libra: To be alone

Similar to Leo, you get a lot of your energy from your social contacts. Sometimes a little too much. Because it makes you really scared of being alone with yourself. While other zodiac signs enjoy this, it is pure hell for you and you try everything to avoid being alone for too long. Remember: being alone doesn’t mean being lonely – and it doesn’t mean that you suddenly run out of friends.

Scorpio: Showing yourself vulnerable

You carry your vulnerable side very close to your heart. And you don’t just show them to just any people. Instead, it takes your fellow human beings ages to see them. The reason: You’re pretty scared to share it with others. Then you can no longer hide behind your cynical manner, but feel super vulnerable.

Sagittarius: To be limited

You are the zodiac sign with the biggest commiment issues, because you don’t want to be restricted by anything or anyone. But this has not only something to do with wanting: You are very afraid of losing your feeling of freedom as a result. You find it difficult to get involved with other people, because it usually means: making compromises.

Capricorn: To fail

Your goals are high, very high. To achieve that, you give everything. Failing at any point – as small and unimportant as it may be – scares you terribly. It makes you feel like you haven’t done your best or you’re good enough. To avoid that, you always give 200 percent everywhere.

Aquarius: To be mainstream

You define yourself through your uniqueness. That’s why you always do everything a little differently than others and that gives your self-esteem a push. When making decisions, however, you are very afraid of not being individual enough, but of swimming with a large part of society. It is not uncommon for you to ponder how you can express your individuality even better.

Pisces: Losing your imagination

A large part of your everyday life takes place in your head – in your fantasy world, your creative thoughts and ideas. It gives you the strength to escape from reality every now and then. So that this place of retreat will disappear is your biggest, secret fear. Therefore, do not escape completely into your imagination, but try to maintain a healthy balance.


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