Single on Valentine’s Day? That sounds like pajamas on the couch, tons of chocolate, kitschy love films and one or the other melodramatic, self-pitying moment – typically Bridget Jones.

Stop, girls! It doesn’t have to be that way! We quickly banish this nasty film cliché from the Valentine’s Day single from our lives. Even singles can really have fun on Valentine’s Day. A look at the stars reveals how!

This is how singles spend Valentine’s Day – according to the zodiac sign


As a ram, you are dynamic and happy when it comes to relationships. Be single on Valentine’s Day? Do not bother you a bit, after all, you will find the day outdated and dusty anyway. It’s best to use the day to do something crazy. How about indoor surfing or a sushi cooking class?


As a bull, you are sensual on the one hand, but also solid and lazy on the other. Valentine’s Day, therefore, plunges you into a little emotional chaos. Are you supposed to be sad because you don’t have a romantic date or are glad that you can lie lazily on the sofa and don’t have to make yourself pretty for someone else?

It is best to spend the day with something that you are good at and that distracts you from your emotional chaos: shopping would be the best idea.


Because you are so lively, you absolutely need other singles around you on Valentine’s Day to distract you from your love life. The best thing to do is call all of your single friends, eat together and spend a cozy evening with wine, gin, and Co. And at the end, you dance around to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” through your living room.


Like cancer, you are one of the most sensitive and soulful signs of the zodiac. You alone on Valentine’s Day? Unfortunately, this is really troublesome for you. Not because you miss a partner. But because you doubt yourself. “What am I doing wrong?”

Stop, before you melt into self-pity, you should call your mom right away. It sounds strange, but it’s great. Because such a beautiful mother-daughter day (how about a spa trip?) Reminds you that there is at least one person in the world who loves you – mom!


You don’t understand why you’re still a single copy … but hey, it doesn’t really matter! The men don’t know what they’re missing! You pretzel up properly and then go partying properly. Whether alone or with your girls – you also have fun on Valentine’s Day.


Virgins are considered factual. That’s why you try to find out exactly why you’re still single on Valentine’s Day. You also list the advantages and disadvantages of being single quite rationally – only to find out that being single is actually quite cool. To celebrate, you invite all of your girls and cook them a delicious vegan meal. Alternatively, go for a long walk and enjoy the nature around you.


Single women in the Libra zodiac sign best spend Valentine’s Day by giving themselves a good portion of “Me-Time”. You satisfy your subtle vein with an extensive visit to the museum. Then treat yourself to a delicious hot chocolate in your favorite café and leaf through the new edition of your favorite magazine (which of course is … Hoho).

Then it’s off to the hairdresser. A new look is needed. You then spend the evening with a glass of red wine on the sofa. Hach … what was the day again today?


Like a scorpion, you are solitary and passionate. On Valentine’s Day, you are the shoulder to cry for all your single girlfriends. You curse the men’s world with them and cheer up your girls. Then you persuade them to make a spontaneous short trip – it’s much more fun without men anyway!


Valentine’s Day can’t harm you as a single – you’re optimistic in person. You simply make the best of your life and enjoy being single to the fullest. That’s why you just spontaneously go to this new, totally hyped theater performance in your city. The cool thing: As an individual, you still get a seat in the second row. Yeah!


You are absolutely objective and objective. For you, all the excitement about Valentine’s Day is complete nonsense anyway. Since only money is spent unnecessarily. Instead of sulking in front of you, you invite your BFF and cook a huge portion of spaghetti carbonara with it.


Because you were born in Aquarius, you are considered modern, unconventional and inventive. You like to try out new things – including Valentine’s Day. Because all the couples are on romantic dates, you have the gym almost to yourself. Perfect for trying out otherwise crowded classes like kickboxing or aerial yoga.


Like a fish, you tend to get emotional on Valentine’s Day. Before you get too sentimental, grab your sporting goods and do a round of yoga. As a reward, treat yourself to a large bar of chocolate on the way home. You can eat them happily in the evening on Netflix on the sofa – at most Bridget Jones howls on the screen!

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