This Is How Your Sign Falls In Love To The Bone

Falls In Love To The Bone

This Is How Your Sign Falls In Love To The Bone

You are one of those who surrender without fear of dusting off all the shadows of the past. You like to lose yourself in the words of that person, his funny way of laughing, his tantrums, and even his insecurities. You are not scared of real love and if you have to let yourself go so that whatever has to happen happens, you will. You deserve someone who, when he is with you, feels his heartbeat calm down and all he wants is to immerse himself in the galaxy of your secrets. A love of those who do not demand, do not hurt, do not exhaust. This is how your zodiac sign falls in love with the bone. 


You go straight to what you feel, you are not afraid to put your sensitivities on the table, the more honest the connection, the better. If that person has been hanging around in your head for a while, you will look for a way to break the ice and let him know that you are interested in him. However, you are not one to get sucked into superficial infatuation. You want to know in depth, the defects and the hobbies that awaken your dangerous side. Once you feel comfortable, you put your intensity into practice, the one that always wants more and gets bored easily. You love breaking the rules and leaving footprints on everyone who touches your heart


Your way of love has an unexpected love of passion. Most people get carried away by what they see on the outside, they feel that they are not capable of falling in love until their instincts the ones that dominate the moment, but they are wrong. If someone enters your heart, he also takes over your skin. You are the type of person who trusts the looks, the aromas, the caresses. You are willing to do anything to steal a smile from that special soul. And if we talk about details things get much better, because you don’t miss anything. You pay attention to everything he likes and what he doesn’t too. That’s why you give the best gifts and they don’t always have to be very expensive, but they do have to be meaningful. 


Gemini, you are the type of sign that when you love you give yourself with the same intensity under the covers as in the day-to-day. You don’t like mediocre love, if someone wants to be with you they’re going to have to earn their place because you adore your solitude and you’re not willing to give your energy away to someone who isn’t sure what they want. Adventure is essential in your way of conquering, you like to take that person by the hand and invite them to visit all those places that fill you with life. Of course, you value your independence more than anything, but that does not mean that you are not capable of falling in love to the bone. Once you give your heart away there is no chance for anyone else. 


They say that you connect quickly, that when your sanity overflows you don’t understand the reasons and you simply let your heart rule your decisions. You don’t know what it’s like to love without giving everything, you like to be intense, because you don’t see the point of hindering the relationship. If the other person is not ready to make you their priority and make an effort to surprise you with some detail, they have nothing to do with you. You are in love with life, your dreams, with what gets you up every morning to continue fighting your fears. That is you, the sign that is willing to find support in your partner and you show him that you will be there through thick and thin. 


You are the sign that feels love like a flare full of energy, Leo, you love to break with convention and surrender to the rhythm of a romantic song. You like to be selective because you have learned that few people deserve your sweet and passionate side. When you fall in love, you do it with fear, but you dare because you know that nothing is going to compare with that feeling. You bet on the warmth of home, to take refuge in the arms of your loved one and lose yourself in all that heap of stories he has to tell. You never get tired of meeting him and that’s what keeps the spark burning. You want someone who isn’t afraid to shout what they feel and who when she takes your hand feels proud


You even take love on the strict side, because you’re terrified of giving such an important part of yourself to someone who only knows how to do it. When you fall in love, the disorder becomes a constant in your life, at least for a while, because that person appears in your thoughts without warning. You like to step on the accelerator without fear of crashing at any moment. If that person makes you feel everything, you will not hesitate to flow. That chaos catches you because that’s where magic lives. Every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to break out of your comfort zone. You don’t need to understand it, you just enjoy it and that helps you save memorable moments, even if they end. 


In love, you have that contradictory touch that surrounds you. The same thing you wake up wanting to show your tender side than the cruel one. It is not that you go around damaging hearts, but it is very difficult for you to give yourself up, you need time and feel that you are the right person. After so many disappointments, distrust has become your best ally, and that classifies you as one of the most difficult signs to fall in love with. However, when you really like someone you are capable of wasting sweetness. You are not afraid to open your emotions and you love to conquer in a unique way. With you, there is no shortage of book fragments, beautiful sunsets, and deep songs. You have the gift of touching even the most unknown of the others. 


You are the one who wants love to know even what he talks to the pillow, Scorpio. But not on the toxic side. You really enjoy when your partner confides in you things that hurt him and also those that cause him to laugh. It is not difficult for you to conquer, you may feel a little nervous at first, but then you let yourself be carried away like a wave of the sea. You give your best when you feel that complicity, a partner that makes you feel calm and at the same time has the gift of igniting your craziest fantasies. I’m not only talking about the war they can create in bed but also about the crazy dreams they want to fulfill. 


You are the deepest soul of the zodiac when it comes to love, Sagi. Because ‘ hopefully ‘ doesn’t scare you, on the contrary, you let your thoughts and your emotions lead you to imagine the most beautiful moments next to that person. You like to add the romantic side to everything and put things that make your heart happy in the trunk of your memories. You fall in love to the bone because you are not afraid of distances or any other obstacle that may arise between the two of you. You trust that each encounter is destined and it is best for souls to let themselves go until the chapter ends. You don’t think about the end, you enjoy the process and then you say goodbye with love. 


On the outside, you seem too reserved a sign in matters of the heart. It is very difficult for you to fall into the routine of sending messages or creating castles in the air. Let’s say that your intellect prevents you from falling into something that is not safe because you have already been there and ended up with a broken soul. However, you are not completely close to love, you are simply looking for someone to connect with in a healthy way, who does not break your patience, and when you feel her close the glory of her lips is more than enough. You don’t want the love of those who control you, you want to feel free. Do everything you like and at the same time have someone you can tell anything to, only then do you fall in love to the bone. 


Your way of loving is so genuine that you do not require exaggerated words to prove it. You give yourself in a very simple way, with that natural touch that is capable of making any heart that pays you a little attention explode. Your thoughts are immense, they have the gift of filling you with life because you know a lot and you love sharing it with the person you love. Here it is not about clipping anyone’s wings, you have your goals and your partner has theirs. However, you value a lot when that person wants to be part of your achievements and you don’t mind including them. Of course, you expect the same, if the bond is not reciprocated, there is no reason to stay. 


You like to add a touch of poetry to your love, caresses, and details. Pisces, you are the beautiful way in which life tells your partner that there is always a time to be better. You are not afraid of being the tender one in the story, the one who adds a touch of sweetness and intensity to gray days. Your smile warms the soul of that person and inspires it. When you hug you do it from the heart and that is felt in every pore. Of course, that is not to say that the doors of your love are wide open. Sometimes, you have to be a little cold, so as not to waste the best of yourself with someone who doesn’t even pay attention to you. You’re good, but you’re not stupid, you’re not going to wear yourself out for a person like that. If you know that it is not there, you go and period. 

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