What happens to you is that you let anger control you. You have a very strong character, which is almost never softened, even if you are the happiest person in the world. You are one of those people, Aries, who, in anger, says things without thinking about the consequences. When anger takes hold of you, you forget everything, including the power that your words can have. Having character is good, Aries, but you have to try to control yourself if you want to stop poisoning your relationships. When anger takes hold of you, try to take a moment to think, to calm down, so as not to play with the brunette. If you face the conflict with a clear head, everything will be much easier to resolve.


Taurus, your problem is that you cling too tightly to the mistakes and grudges of the past. As your partner does something “wrong” to you, you will hold a grudge for eternity. And that once is passable, but already two and being continuously like that can become somewhat toxic, and you know it yourself. Many times you hold a grudge as if your life depended on it. When they hurt you or when they do something to you and play with your feelings, you will never forget it. Your problem, Taurus, is that it is difficult for you to overcome and forget the past. You come back to it in the blink of an eye and that has to change if you don’t want to poison your relationships. From now on, try to forgive and forget. It’s a big challenge for you,


You have trouble listening. You’re perfect for communicating, Gemini, for expressing everything that’s going on inside you, but when you have to change roles, it’s a bit complicated. And that is, without realizing it, what can poison the relationship. Communication is the most important thing for achieving a healthy and solid relationship. For everything to work, both sides of the relationship must feel heard, especially when they talk about feelings. You have to do a great job, Gemini. You speak more than you hear, but that can change if you do your part. Try to listen a little more, try to close your mouth and let the other person speak. Try to understand everything your partner has to say and give them the words they need. Sometimes you can feel better by listening.


You take everything personally, Cancer, even the smallest and most insignificant. You are an attentive and, moreover, very sensitive person. You have a very emotional character. And while this is mostly a positive thing in your relationships, it can also be difficult to manage. There is very little difference between being sensitive and being VERY sensitive, and that difference can affect your relationship. If you let a little bit affect you and your feelings, your partner will be afraid to speak up and do anything. He will not be able to speak to you clearly and this will create a lot of distance between you. Try to be mentally stronger, Cancer, it will save a lot of your relationships.


You are a naturally dominant person. And without wanting to, Lion, without wanting to, you can poison your relationships. This is probably the reason why you find it hard to make your relationships work and last over time. Being so strong, so sure of yourself, so assertive can be a very attractive trait, but don’t make your partner feel overwhelmed and undervalued when he is next to you. What happens to you, Lion is that you always want to keep control and often you forget to take into account your partner’s opinion. What if it was the reverse? You would surely be very angry. So, Leo, try to open your mind a bit and stop obsessing about always being right. You also don’t have to stop being who you are,


You think you are always right, Virgo. You can poison your relationship by thinking that you are too smart. And yes, you are, but there are times when he can play against you. You know that it is very difficult for you to accept that you are not right and that your partner is. You find it hard to accept certain opinions from others. And you do not realize, Virgo, but then you risk endangering all your relationships. Do not neglect your partner’s ideas or opinions. Be careful to listen to them, understand them, and even give your opinion. Accept, Virgo, that you are not always right. This is the first step to stop poisoning your relationships. Your partner can teach you a lot if you let them express themselves as they deserve.


You are suppressing your feelings and emotions too much, Libra. You are a mature, sincere, kind and empathetic person, but your problem is that you pretend that everything is fine when it is not. You pretend that nothing will happen when there are really things that bother and hurt you. This affects you not only mentally, but also your partner. It’s good not to be well, Libra, it’s good that things don’t always go perfectly. But suppressing your feelings and keeping yourself from what is happening to you is not the solution and does not help your relationship at all. It does more damage than you think. If you don’t tell your partner what’s going on in your mind and heart, how do you think he will know? Don’t be afraid to speak, Libra,


You have to learn to say more than yes, Scorpio. You get too locked into the “no” and that is how you end up poisoning your relationship. Ignoring everything and saying yes to everything is not a good thing either, Scorpio. But if you lock yourself in your mind, say “no” to everything and think only negative, you can ruin your relationship sooner than you think. This can give your partner a negative image and impression of you. You should consider the feelings of your partner and your partner in general before deciding to say no to something or someone. If your partner wants to do something, it could make him very happy that you did it with him. Even if you feel like shit, Scorpio, you have to do a little more on your part. You will make him very happy.


You are trying to escape from every relationship you find yourself in, Sagittarius. You can poison every relationship by avoiding engagement so much. You are always looking for ways to end your relationship, because you feel that you are not comfortable, you feel that you are missing a thousand things for having given up your freedom. But really, it’s just paranoia. You only focus on the negative, so you have reasons to escape. Sagittarius, nobody forces you to start a relationship, so do not hesitate in this regard. If you are in a relationship, it is because you want to enjoy it. Don’t feel like you have to, don’t feel like your partner is forcing you to do things you don’t like. Relationships can be difficult,


You are too critical of everything, and it can poison your relationship a lot, Capricorn. You are a super honest person, so much so that there are times when you can have a very sharp and poisoned language. Sometimes you use it with your partner and forget how it can make you feel. Capricorn, you are used to judging by the slightest error. Quite simply because I didn’t put things in the place you like the most or because I didn’t act perfectly. You have to start to understand that not everyone is perfect, not even yourself. It’s time to lower these expectations a little, as they can really affect your partner. Appreciate your partner for what he is, for his faults and especially for his virtues.


You can become very distant, Aquarius. And poison your relationship with this distance and coldness that you sometimes put between your partner and you. If your partner approaches you to tell you about a problem or just to seek emotional help, your distant nature tends to make this worse. And look at how often you try to do your part, but you can’t. Aquarius, you need to start to keep in mind that everyone needs emotional support from time to time, even yourself. As a couple, you have to be there to help that person. At first, it will be uncomfortable, later, little by little you will understand it much better and it will not be difficult at all.


You’re too easy to complain about everything, Pisces. And you don’t realize that it can be frustrating for your partner and, therefore, can end up poisoning your relationship. The first thing you need to do is stop focusing on the negative and also look at the positive. This will help you find solutions to your problems and also ensure that your partner does not feel constantly under pressure. Complaining won’t solve anything, Pisces, you know it yourself. Even if you are sensitive, basically you can become very strong if you commit to it. Do not be afraid to draw this force also in your relationship, because it will help you a lot to save it and not to poison it at the first change.

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