The moment anger takes hold of your walk, Aries, it’s best that no one crosses your path because you’re able to unload all that pain, frustration, or anger on someone who isn’t guilty. It’s no secret that you’re a sign with a short fuse and when you listen to your resentful side, the mood gets quite tense. Your crazy instinct is the one that becomes rude and intolerant. While your intelligence leads you to say words that are never forgotten. Deep down you know that you hate that part of you, because your heart is very soft and you don’t want to lose worthy people. That’s why you prefer to run away, find a space where you can analyze and then make the best decision. Time is what you need,


The truth is that as long as they don’t mess with you and your dreams, all is peace around you. You don’t like to gossip, much less judge people. However, things change when someone intentionally hurts you, because that’s when you show your obsessive side. You have trouble controlling your mind and there is a part of you that wants revenge. You do not lose any detail, you use all the information that can be useful to you and you can touch very sensitive fibers. You don’t sit around until you get all the answers you want about the situation and it blasts your thoughts. The only way to control your toxic side is when you focus your energy on something else, you have to stay busy until it dissipates.


What makes you lose patience is that there are people around you who do not hesitate to speak with their mouths full of lies. You can’t conceive of hypocrisy and that’s when your toxic side becomes unstoppable. Usually you are very detached, letting go of everything that hurts you, but there are those who become a constant stone in your path and that is when they need to be stopped. You’re not going to allow them to laugh at your insecurities, let alone play with your heart. For you, there is something very clear, respect and affection are deserved, maybe you make an effort not to hurt, but that does not mean that you are going to let them see your face. It doesn’t matter if you have to put on a drama for them to understand that with you, things are serious. If someone doesn’t understand, then let them go, you’re not one to oblige. You want them to stay because they were born.


There are three things in this life that make your stomach turn: betrayal, selfishness, and disrespect. You’re a very tolerant sign, but there are those who go out of their way to bring out your bad side, because all the time they’re looking for a way to get you on their feet so that you stumble and then laugh at it. What they don’t know is that when your toxic side shows up, you can’t always control it and you can break hearts. Yours can’t hurt, but… as they say over there, if they’re looking for you, they’ll find you and they won’t like it one bit. Often, it is very difficult for you to understand that there are those who are just passing through your life and that you have to let go, because being by their side brings out the worst in you. Nobody is responsible for your emotions and you know it, but you are also not going to stay with someone who fills you with negative energy. It is obvious that your character is strong, however, you are not going to hold a grudge all your life.


Sometimes it is essential that you cut people out of your life and not tell them, they are old enough to want explanations, knowing that they are doing things that hurt you. You don’t mess with games, if they hurt you better prepare for goodbyes because you will erase them from your life in a second. You don’t care if it means you have to face nights of pain, if his company hurts you, you don’t want him. At first, your toxic side may make you feel a bit obsessed with the situation, as you want to connect the dots and find the reason for everything. Let’s just say it’s the only way to have peace of mind. These are not overflows, you eliminate their contact from all social networks and avoid going to places where you can find this person. This is how you control yourself, because you know that at the slightest touch you can say very ugly things to him.


The truth is, they can talk badly about you, Virgo, but few dare say it to your face. That’s when you realize how much or how little someone is worth. You are not willing to deal with people like that, you have never been addicted to begging. They call you toxic because you have the courage to set boundaries, because you don’t conform and do things that your heart tells you, but also reason. You have too much to think about to waste your time and energy on nonsense. To you, your plans and goals are sacred, if someone is just interfering with them, you want them to stay away. Your negative emotions are clear when you walk away, but nothing more. You are not going to exhaust yourself for anyone, let alone kneel. It doesn’t matter if they call you exaggerated, your peace of mind comes first.


They talk a lot about you, but few have the pants to tell you when something is bothering them. You are a very peaceful person, your mind always travels in all the plans you wish to achieve and you rarely let the bad vibes of others interfere with your goals. However, there is something that awakens your toxic side, when you feel hurt or betrayed, it is possible that your ruthless part activates and there you do not even touch your heart. In no time, you can knock the person down, as you have a knack for hitting their weaker side. You are not one of those who do harm for pleasure, you simply react to their actions. However, being bad does not last long, because your sweet soul does not want to be poisoned by someone who is not worth it. You are able to analyze the situation and understand that the best thing to do is to let go, remove these people from your life and work on your best version.


You really get really lazy with these people who need to humiliate others to feel good. You are a sign that struggles every day to get rid of negative energy because you are unlucky enough to mix with people who only hurt you. Scorpio, what they don’t know is that when your emotions take over, there is no human power to stop you and you can leave them with a very bad taste of life. Let’s say your dark side is uncontrollable anger that doesn’t understand the reasons and burns you inside. The way you avoid hurting those you love is to give yourself a good time. It’s not that you want to cut ties forever, but you need a break from everything and everyone. If not,


In life we ​​see many faces and we don’t know half of their true intentions. Sagittarius, you are very clear that there are things you need to let go of for your mental, emotional, and physical health. You can’t date someone who doesn’t even like themselves. Nothing happens if you focus on the positive and ignore it, which has helped you avoid falling into toxic attitudes. You have realized that if you invest this time in yourself, it is much healthier and liberating. Sometimes all you need is to go out for a walk, forget everything, and think about what fills your soul. As long as your center is straight, let the world roll. You stopped caring about other people’s opinion a long time ago and if they want to call you selfish, let them. In the end, you know you’re not here to make anyone smile, your responsibility is to take care of yours.


Sometimes you have no choice but to fix your own heart. It’s not that you don’t have feelings, it’s that life has taught you how to overcome very difficult situations and at the same time reminds you that you are capable of anything. Your pain is something you keep away from people you can’t trust. That’s why when your toxic side is activated, the first thing you do is run away. This is how you have found to defend yourself from the cruelty of people who claim to love you and hurt you at the first opportunity. You don’t want a bunch of cute faces promising you love, you want actions, because those speak for themselves. However, your goal is not to hate anyone, their evil deeds remain on their conscience. If they hit you where it hurts the most, now be brave to face your absence for you are not one of those who return.


Life shakes you up, knocks you down, corrects you, rewards you. It’s very unpredictable, with this gripping touch of madness, very close to your Aquarius personality. Your character is so relaxed, it’s very rare that you let your toxic side take over the situation. You don’t like to live with the feeling of despising someone, no one owes you anything, what you have given comes from the heart and those who have hurt you will bear it. You are no longer there to beg anyone, but neither are you there to wait for them to change. All you do is isolate yourself, you don’t talk, you don’t gossip. Your goal is to get back to you, you don’t dodge, however, you don’t make drama. Fluency is your best bet, when you do,


It’s even funny when people say you already changed, you didn’t, you just gave everyone their place. There are people you had on a pedestal and honestly they didn’t deserve half your time. They tend to underestimate your character, because you are calm, a very devoted and loving person, but… poor person who awakens your toxic side, because you do not do badly with anger and rage. A long time you keep things until you can’t take it anymore and you explode. It is possible that you will regret it and then it gives you the doldrums, but in this moment you are able to make this person sink into sadness. You mean it, if the game is about doing damage, you become a master. Of course, with those you love,


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