Each of us has a different way of carrying anger, but when we have been accumulating it for a long time it can bring us serious problems. Here we are to inform you of how each sign acts when it has too much anger inside, take note, because it may help you understand someone who is very close …



It’s very complicated for Aries to hold back when he gets angry. You need to discharge your anger with anything and if you don’t have anyone close to do it you will do it with a chair, the wall, anything you can hit. Of course, just as anger is coming … It is a person who works on impulses and when it gets pissed it can be an explosive bomb, but then it takes nothing to calm down and do what he was doing again.

The problem comes when you have too much rage accumulated inside. If in itself it can be something quite explosive imagine with so much anger inside … When Aries has too much anger inside anything can explode, a simple comment can generate a tsunami. If Aries explodes better not to be caught close to you because everyone who is at your side will be badly unemployed. Of course, you may later regret it very much and you will forget everything very soon, but you needed to take out all that anger that had been accumulating time.


Taurus is not one of those people who exploits like this without more. It has a lot of character, but Taurus will always give you little clues that his anger is going to more. When Taurus takes out all his rage it is better for everyone to separate, he can become a volcano and take out all the shit inside him without any look. He will not mind getting ahead of his loved ones.

If you have anything else pending it will solve it. Surely not solve it in the best possible way, but it will make everything clear. When Taurus explodes and takes all his anger out, it is because he has been keeping it for himself for a long time. He does not explode, just like that, he is a fairly calm person and does not want too many dramas in his life.


Gemini is a social being by nature and in his anger follows the same line. When you have a lot of accumulated rage, you can let go of what is not written by mouth. A lot of people are afraid of being around when Gemini explodes, can do a lot of damage with their words. He does it unintentionally, but he has a very long tongue and his head goes a thousand times an hour, this makes him let go of things that he really doesn’t think just to hurt.

Gemini is not a bad person, but when he has a lot of accumulated anger he can become a person with a pretty bad idea. If it explodes it is because it is up to the nose that they take as a fool and wants to prove that it is not at all like that. He is an intelligent person and after having exploded he will realize that it has not helped him to get that way. All he has achieved is to win another enemy.


Cancer is well known for his bad mood, everyone knows him very well especially when he is angry. He is a very sweet person, but when the rage takes hold of him / her all that sweetness disappears and becomes the very devil. When Cancer has too much accumulated anger, don’t think it explodes like everyone else. He / she prefers to lock himself in his shell and move on from everything around him.

It is one of those people who prefer to expel their rage by crying, just don’t touch your nose too much because it can leave you in the lunge with just one word. When there are no more tears left, what Cancer does is return to the load and ignore you until the end of its days. It is then, when you realize that you don’t give a shit and that there is nothing left to do next to you.


Leo when angry can be as his own name indicates a true lion. Leo does not get angry too easily, if he has his moments, but not as intense as other signs. What happens to Leo is that when he notices that anger is being done with him / her, he tries to expel her in every possible way. One of them is saying everything he thinks and letting him know that he is very, very angry, and when he has already said everything he had to say, jump for the dam.

Leo is very clear that if he had so much rage accumulated it is for something, and that something is not him / her. That is why you have to take it out and if you are the one you are hurting, you get screwed, it is what it is… Yes, everyone knows how proud they can be, so, be assured that this pride will continue to be present later of anger and the only way to reduce it a little is with pampering and a lot of time, but a lot …


Virgo is such a perfectionist that even his anger has to think very well. He is a person who does not have to show that he is angry because he sees it as absolutely unnecessary. He can accumulate a lot of anger inside because the world is full of idiots and knows that it is not worth discussing with them. The luck that Virgo has is that while he stops to think about how to express all that anger in the most perfect way, he gets angry.

If something serious happens to her, she will release it at the moment, she will not wait to be harmed again. Virgo is a bit complicated to understand and many times when he wants to express his anger he becomes more angry because he doesn’t feel understood. What Virgo should do is to give the problems hard from the beginning, so he would not be left with the feeling that he never completely resolves his conflicts.


As always Libra will stay his anger for him / her. He is such a peaceful person that, even if he is close to his limit, he would prefer to keep everything for him / her than to set up a stage. The problem is that the scene is mounted inside for not having given the four voices that should have been given. Libra has to work very hard to process all the rage that has accumulated. You can not let it accumulate much because otherwise it will end very badly.

If the time comes for Libra to explode, he will surely do so in the most polite way. He does not like to lose the forms, that is not going with him / her. He feels that anger makes him lose all his essence. If Libra loses control, save who can, if that happens, something serious has happened and no one can stop all your impulses until you get everything you had inside. Time is very relative minutes, hours, days and even years can pass …


When rage floods the world of Scorpio, chaos is unleashed and everything that you can imagine can happen. Scorpio can be very radical, it can treat you like a piece of shit and abandon you or stay and make your life impossible. When Scorpio takes out all the rage he had accumulated you never know what can happen, so it is best to be on your guard.

When Scorpio explodes it sweeps, to begin its look it can leave you in shock, from there all that comes is the main avocado. His gaze was only an advance, his words can destroy your heart. When Scorpio is in pain, he may be the most vindictive person in the world. In addition, you may realize that you are going out of line, but it will not stop until you get all your anger out and the consequences give you absolutely the same


Sagittarius when angry can be like an uncontrolled fireball. He is a very positive and cheerful person, but when patience is over, he can destroy everything in front of him. You have to be very careful with charging him with rage, because he will be seen coming, but you will not care because you will not be able to escape his anger. Only that special person that Sagi has in his life will know how to calm him down.

When Sagittarius takes it to its limit and explodes, it has no mercy and it will begin to throw everything it thinks out of its mouth without fear that they might throw things at it. It doesn’t matter if your own dirty rags come to light, but when your nose is touched there is nothing that can stop those impulses. What those around them have to do is shut up and try to put out that fire that Sagi cannot control.


Capricorn is one of those people who get very angry when something touches their noses. The good thing is that as you know yourself, you are responsible even to get angry. He will try to control all his anger and keep her calm. Of course, there will be things that escape him and can do enough damage, but it is impossible that he can manage to control all that anger that has accumulated.

The first thing Capri will do is make it very clear how disappointed he is. What happens that not everyone believes and takes it as a joke. That all he does is piss off Capri a lot more and can be the trigger for him to explode. He will do everything possible to control himself, but if the time comes for the explosion, prepare yourself for endless reproaches. He will not stop throwing things in his face until he stays at ease with himself, until he sees that you are truly destroyed because he will be able to return to his state of peace and tranquility.


Aquarius is a free soul and does not usually take it too seriously, but when anger begins to take control of him / her, his control and coldness come to light. Aquarius is a fairly calm person, so if he loses his papers, it is because something quite fat has happened. He is a person who is not usually noticed that he is angry, so when he explodes the people around him he is so surprised …

When he notices that his anger is about to leave, he moves away from the people he really wants because he knows that he will not be able to control all the damage he is going to do. That anger serves to realize who deserves to be in his life and who does not. He will seize the moment to unload the rage on all those people he wants to eliminate from his life. Aquarius is a very intelligent person and knows very well what he does …


Pisces in every aspect of your life is like a roller coaster, you never know when it can be up and when it can be down. The same thing happens to him with rage, he may be crying with rage and within 5 minutes he may be furious. He is a very unstable person in that aspect, but the best of all is that he / she knows it, what happens that he does not feel like remedying. Whoever wants to be by his side has to accept him with his virtues and his defects and that Pisces has it very clear.

When Pisces takes all his anger out there is an explosion of emotions and feelings. That explosion is so great that it becomes self destructible to him / her, what happens is that it is impossible for him to control his emotions. He will take out everything he has inside doing a lot of damage to those he orders. Possibly he repents and sets up a little scene of his own, but it is that Pisces and the drama go hand in hand …