This is how the Scorpio gets along with its siblings

This is how the Scorpio gets along with its siblings

In which signs were the most compatible and in which the least compatible siblings born for Scorpio?

Each zodiac sign makes a good or bad combination with another sign, be it in love, marriage or friendship. That’s how it is with sibling love.

Since much depends on the planetary positions in natal charts, affiliation with the signs of the zodiac is not the only criterion for sibling agreement, but it does provide a good guide.

See what signs Scorpio aligns well and badly with in brother-sister relationships.

Note that each combination refers to two brothers, two sisters, or one brother and one sister.

Scorpio has a stable relationship with these signs

Scorpio and Taurus

The two most stubborn zodiac signs make a surprisingly good match. Disputes will be intense but will not escalate into physical conflict.

Taurus is prone to infrequent but violent outbursts of anger, while Scorpio resorts to petty pranks. But deep down, both characters respect their siblings’ firm beliefs.

When they grow up, they will both nurture the relationship they formed in childhood. Scorpio and Taurus are good siblings.

Scorpio and Capricorn

They will understand childhood as a great school to achieve high goals. Both will captivate anyone from the start with clever remarks and imaginative play.

As brothers and sisters, these two zodiac signs complement and develop perfectly.

Mutual respect will keep them from fighting, and differences in character will never drive them too far apart.

When they grow up, there is an opportunity to develop a good business plan together. Many business partners have known each other since they were little.

Scorpio and Cancer

These emotional zodiac signs go well together as long as they are in a calm environment.

They will be disturbed by noisy toys that disturb their peace of mind and they will enjoy solving puzzles and games that allow them to let their imagination run wild.

If they fight, they will both get hurt, but they will always make up quickly and easily. Brotherly and sisterly love is very important to them and therefore they forgive and forget.

As they get older, their bond grows stronger. These are siblings who, even in old age, call their siblings every day.

Scorpio and Pisces

They’re going to have a really great childhood together. Both are very intuitive, their characters complement each other and get along so well that they will develop a deep emotional connection very quickly.

They will be extremely careful not to hurt each other, so conflicts will occur very rarely.

Scorpio will be protective of Pisces, and Pisces will feel safe and comfortable as a result. These two zodiac signs will be good siblings.

Scorpio has an unstable relationship with these signs

Scorpio and Gemini

Scorpio will not like the shallowness with which Gemini treats people. Gemini will be very sociable, while Scorpio will wait for people to approach him.

When they quarrel, Scorpio will skillfully manipulate Gemini while pretending to be innocent. Therefore, her sibling relationship in childhood is unstable.

But when they grow up, nothing will stop them from becoming very good brothers and sisters, but also friends.

Scorpio and Virgo

Although the two have different personalities, they have one thing in common: they both strive for excellence in everything they do.

They are so focused on perfectionism that they often get conflicted over too much criticism of each other. As adults, they will look back fondly on their childhood and cherish shared memories.

Then they can rein in their perfectionist ambitions and both benefit.

Scorpio and Scorpio

As they grow, cautious Scorpios constantly study and analyze themselves, trying to figure out if they can really trust each other.

Since this is not easy, a conflict quickly arises. They will both react angrily and try to sabotage each other.

They’ll work things out in the end, but they’ll always stab each other a little. All his life he will have such a fickle relationship.

Scorpio and Aquarius

These two great thinkers will spend a lot of time presenting brilliant ideas and observations. From an early age, both are convinced that they have the answers to all the big questions.

If they ever decide to compete in something, things could get out of hand.

So, in their more mature years, they can have quite a tumultuous sibling relationship. Luckily, they are good at communicating when they are younger, so their relationship is generally stable.

Scorpio has a bad relationship with these signs

Scorpio and Aries

They’re both stubborn, which they’ll show on almost every occasion. Aries likes to break the rules, while Scorpio will try to circumvent them in every way – or he will be reluctant to follow them.

Both are prone to competition and jealousy. If someone annoys them, they react violently, but Aries forgives a little faster than Scorpio, so the whole situation calms down.

Their whole relationship is characterized by a combination of stubbornness and jealousy that constantly goes from extreme to extreme.

Scorpio and Leo

Both will try to get their way, so the situation in the house is occasionally tense. This refers to their childhood sibling relationship.

Over time, they will find a common language, but their relationship is constantly on the verge of conflict. They know each other very well and know what happens when they get into an argument.

In this way they avoid conflicts as much as possible. It is the best way for these two to keep a peaceful brother and sister relationship.

Scorpio and Libra

Seeing them together can be a lot of fun. Most of the time they will get along well, but both will be convinced that they are smarter, prettier and nicer than the other.

They will appear very close to the viewer, but once they find something to compete with, they become angry rivals, often forgetting that they are brother and sister.

The consequences of their rivalry can be enormous. This sibling relationship accompanies her throughout her life, both in childhood and in old age.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Together these two zodiac signs spend an exciting childhood. But in later years this will not be the case.

Although Sagittarius likes to have trust in people, he probably won’t achieve that easily with his Scorpio brother or sister. This is the main reason for their disagreements.

Both have to work hard together. When they grow up they will learn to respect each other, but they will always feel a little distance due to their differences in character.

This is how the Scorpio gets along with its siblings

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