This Is How The February Full Moon Can Affect You

The beginning of the year has been a bit stormy for some people. It has also been intense, confusing, radical, and even very retrograde at times. In February comes that desired truce that many of us look forward to. This Full Moon is going to help us solve many things. At first, it may be that the accumulation of feelings that we carry inside explodes out of control. Drama, sensitivity, and love will be everywhere, but with positive management, it can all end well. Now is a good opportunity to create new connections or to deepen the ones we already have. It is also a good time to clear our paths of doubts or fears. Connecting with this Moon is very important and this is how the Full Moon of February can affect you:


It is the perfect time to LOVE. The Full Moon is going to give you that something you need so that your heart stops being so self-conscious. The boost you need is just around the corner, so open your eyes. You can’t miss anything that is to come, Aries, things are on fire and you already know how lovely you get when you play with fire. If you want to make the most of the energy of this Full Moon, start by creating some plan and end by sticking to that plan. Yes, yes, as you read. Get down to work and do something that makes you feel more alive than ever. Your heart deserves it and your most sensual side, too.


The energy of this special Full Moon goes directly to your home. Since the beginning of the year, you have focused all your attention on yourself and your well-being. From now on, things get much deeper and more private. In a way it makes you a little uncomfortable, you don’t like to go that deep, but you know that there are many things to talk about. If you have something pending with someone, it is a good time for a great talk. Open your mind, Taurus, and be more realistic than ever. Connecting with the energy of this Full Moon can help you a lot to stay in tune with your home and the people in it.


This very special Full Moon can help you embrace a new love in your life in many ways. That new love can be a person, a project, or a reward. Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to follow your heart. Gemini, you have spent a lot of time swimming in confusion and it is time for your heart to have a stable and beautiful story. Plus, you just might get some of that much-deserved recognition. Your heart is a little disappointed with some details that you have been seeing throughout this month, and just the fact that it recognizes your hard work can help you a lot.


Do not forget your ability to follow signs or to follow your instinct. Cancer, this Full Moon is going to open your eyes (we have lost count of the times you have opened your eyes during this new year, really) and it is going to mark a before and after in your life.

You may witness a very unexpected situation with something at hand. It is also possible that you have a little confusion with some expenses during this month, but the energy of this Moon will clear up any doubts. You are going to have a real need to know if your efforts are going to be rewarded. And you’ll find out, you’ll see…


It is a good time to talk about your inner light. The energy of this special Full Moon goes straight to the center of your heart. You have realized how important it is to love yourself well. Be okay with yourself and forgive yourself for all the times you fell short. Now you have to prioritize, Leo, it is very essential that you know very well what matters and what can wait. This Full Moon will highlight your qualities, so don’t be ashamed of anything and go for it all. Help yourself to feel that you own your power and no one else, Leo. Let your roars leave everyone stoned, with all the strength in the world, may you be heard very well…


Important: you have to prioritize immediately. With urgency, Virgo, you cannot continue with that lack of control of plans or ideas. On the outside, it seems that you have everything under control, but the chaos inside you is enormous. The energy of the Full Moon will unlock you. That’s right, you’ve been studying the moves you’ve had around you for a while and you’ve forgotten about yourself. You have to investigate which is the right place for you right now.

Do not doubt your abilities, this Full Moon will give you the boost you need, so get to work when you can. And remember that rest is always essential…


The truth? You are at a very, very important moment in your life.

You want your work to be recognized, your effort to be rewarded and your inner power to never be underestimated again. You want to put more than one in his place, and you will. Share your creativity with the world in a different way. Libra, you are missing out on opportunities for fear of the unknown and you know it. From now on, don’t say NO to anything new. The world needs more of you and you need to show yourself in a different way. It is the perfect time to wake up from that almost eternal nap…


This very special Full Moon is going to shed a lot of light on your life. You have worked very hard to get to where you are right now. You’ve done things your heart isn’t proud of, but everything you’ve done has been for sheer survival. From now on, don’t beat yourself up over the past, Scorpio. Your future is full of opportunities and projects that need you 100%. Take advantage of the energy of this Moon to make a list of all the tasks and plans that you can no longer avoid. Try to rely much more on people who transmit good energies to you, the negative has to disappear forever.


There is something you keep inside of you that is hurting you. Sagittarius, your heart needs an all-inclusive vacation for a long time and you know it. From the outside, it seems that nothing worries you, but the speed you have been driving lately is not normal and you also know it. What can you do to make the nerves go away? Well, it’s clear: talk. Take advantage of the positive energy of this special Full Moon to be more honest than ever. Do it with whom you really feel good. You don’t have to tell the most affectionate details if you don’t want to, but if you really trust someone, let off steam because it will be better than ever.


It is a wonderful time for you to manifest. That’s right Capricorn, you have to let it flow. Whether it’s love or hate, it doesn’t matter, the point is that you have to let everything flow. Any effort you make to let go of what you really feel right now is good. You can’t spend your whole life in tension and you know it. You can’t be on fire for someone who then doesn’t give you even half. This Full Moon will open your eyes, you will see more clearly what you have been giving and how much you have received in return. You already know the end result, what happens is that you don’t want to recognize it. From now on, don’t shut up. Whoever wants you around, work hard.


This special Full Moon will illuminate your heart. We know that this is a lot of love for you, but it is what it is, you also have a romantic side even if it seems incredible. In February you are going to embrace your most sensitive self and you are going to like it. You have to find a balance between your spiritual world and your life routine. You can embrace your independence while still being there and you know it. You can be freer than ever, but hand in hand and next to the people who love you. Take advantage of the energy of this Moon to find the perfect balance between your affection and your relationships. You can, Aquarius, don’t dramatize ahead of time.


This bewitching Full Moon is going to make you want to make a potion to secretly make someone fall in love. But hey, leaving fiction aside, it should be noted that this Moon is going to make you consider many things in the world of work. Love can wait right now. You want a lot of productivity, but you have to be very realistic Pisces. The most important thing is that you work with a very well-thought-out balance. You can’t spend a lot of time giving too much or a lot of time with your arms crossed. Take a look at your priorities and try to go little by little. If you want, you can with everything you propose, do not doubt yourself and your power.


This Is How The February Full Moon Can Affect You

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