This Is How The Conjunction Between Jupiter And Neptune In Pisces Can Influence You

This Is How The Conjunction Between Jupiter And Neptune In Pisces Can Influence You

What does this mean? Very simple, good luck is on its way. The conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter in the sign Pisces is going to leave us with very good feelings, good vibes, and above all, a lot of positive opportunities. From now on, many things will make sense and most of the signs will find answers to many of their questions. This is how the conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces on Tuesday, April 12, can influence you:

This conjunction of planets occurs every 12 years, and we will all have the opportunity to experience a streak of good luck. But this time it is much more special because the conjunction happens in Pisces and the last time it happened was in 1856, so it is quite an important event. Neptune is the planet of dreams, Jupiter is the planet of good luck, and Pisces rules both planets. How curious, right? This conjunction will help us to change, to solve, advance, and above all, achieve those goals that resist.

From now on, we must make the most of any opportunity that life offers us. We must not be afraid and we must fight for our dreams. We will feel that everything is possible, there is nothing that can stop us or harm us. If you want to know how the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces can influence you, keep reading carefully:


What better birthday present than this streak of good luck? Aries, get ready for what is to come. First of all, THANK YOU. Thank you for all the effort you have dedicated these months to have a great inner change. This healing process that you have quietly undergone has helped you a lot. Thanks to the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune you will feel that everything has been worth it. You will be reborn and you will transform into what you want to be. From now on, manifest everything you feel and don’t keep anything inside. You have many things to do, so go for it all.


Now everything begins to make sense. This great event is going to revolutionize your world, but it is going to do it in a positive way. You are going to witness good news in health matters, something that will make you breathe easy. You will also feel an improvement in your relationships, you feel that now they do understand and respect you. In your mind and in your heart there is a peace that you did not have this time ago. My goodness, Taurus, no one knows what you deserve this season of good luck and peace of mind. You have wanted to evolve and you have done it in a big way.


This very special conjunction brings very good news for you, Gemini. Now, are you willing to fight like never before? What is coming is very big and very strong, you have to be at 100% energy to measure up. A positive change or a promotion in the world of work is coming. Let your environment know how you feel about it and what you expect from now on. Don’t waste your time with nonsense, you have to go in the right direction NOW. Your company is worth gold and the people who are by your side know it now more than ever. And remember, if you’re going to dream, MAKE IT BIG.


Do yourself a favor and be happy your way. Do not pay attention to malicious comments, you have to take advantage of this extra good luck that the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will leave us. Dream big and go for it all, Cancer, it’s a good time for you to get down to work and carry out that project that excites you so much. This conjunction will take the blindfold off your eyes and show you that YOU ARE RIGHT. Now you will be able to listen carefully to your intuition, it is time to pay attention to the signals that you have been ignoring.


What you touch from now on can be turned into gold. And it’s no joke, Leo, good luck will be on fire with you, by your hand and by your side to give you all the good things you deserve. Now, you have to make an effort to save as much as possible. The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces brings a lot of magic, seriously, your dreams can come true, but first, you have to solve some things. Put a little order in your life, you have always believed in yourself and your abilities and now you are going to have to work hard to achieve your dreams. Choose the right path, even if it is the most difficult…


The time has come, it is time to give an imaginary kick to that toxic and painful past that has hurt you so much. The magical conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is going to leave a very positive mark on your life. The balance with which you have dreamed so much is here. It is recommended that you make a manifest of all those things that you want to come into your life. You have to put love as a priority in your life. Stop trying to solve the world and life for others, now it’s your turn to look after yourself. Your dreams may come true, especially that dream that steals so many shy smiles at night…


It’s time, Libra, the great challenge is here. The time has come to keep promises, those same ones that you made to yourself and that you have not yet fulfilled. You have to commit 100% to yourself, please make sure you make the most of every second of your life. The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is a good luck event, this means that it is the perfect time to set yourself new goals and new challenges. Stop looking for problems where there are none and do not be afraid of the unknown, because it may be that there you will find your new self…


Don’t be your own enemy, Scorpio, you have to give your best and trust your criteria and the professionalism that characterizes you so much. You do not know what you want and you are not sure of the decision you are going to make now, but whatever it is, you are going to leave a mark. You have to leave your fears behind and make the most of your creativity from now on. Do not get carried away by prejudices, if you feel that it is a good time to take risks in a project or in a new path, go ahead. The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is an event full of good luck, and if you add your wisdom to that, then you can only expect very positive results…


Something happened inside of you and you know it. Something happened because there is no longer fear inside you. Instead, there is a very special glow of hope and love. The fire that runs through your veins is flooding your interior with positive energy, which is what you deserve right now. This very special conjunction will help you solve those internal conflicts you have about love. Now you have it clear: you only demand to have a very happy life, free of toxic people and full of love, health, and kindness for you and yours. That is why you have to make an effort to join your circle of dearest people. Do your best to spend more time with all of them….


You have to find a balance between your work life and your love life. Forget about extremes or radical actions, you don’t have to spend your whole life with him “or all or nothing” in your head, because an intermediate position is what you need most at this time. You need your independence and your freedom, but you also deserve to have the peace of mind of knowing that you have people who support you, support you, love you, and respect you. The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will help you to have better communication in your life, it is the moment to speak and make things clear.


In a certain way, you feel that your creativity and your freedom have been a little harmed. It is as if you had not been as free as you want, and in a way, it has been, but it has not been your fault. Responsibilities have not allowed you to get where you wanted, but now you will have the opportunity to make your decisions freely and with more peace of mind. This conjunction will help your self-esteem rise to the top, and you will do it hand in hand with the purest and most sincere love that exists in this world. You will do a very special and very positive job, so get your batteries and trust yourself…


Eye Pisces, you are going to feel something difficult to explain with words, but the energy is very positive and very intense. Your rulers Jupiter and Neptune are transiting your sign, and they are also now in conjunction. This is very positive news because whatever you do, you are going to be successful. Now, be very careful with the path you are going to choose. You have to keep your interests and your priorities high. Your kindness is your great treasure and that privilege that you have is what is going to make you great. Advice? Don’t shut up. May you be heard even on the other side of the planet, please choose the path of success and self-improvement, because from now on things are going to change.


This Is How The Conjunction Between Jupiter And Neptune In Pisces Can Influence You

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