This Is How Each Sign Works When It Discoveries What The Second Course Is

This Is How Each Sign Works When It Discoveries What The Second Course Is

Rage, anger, humiliation, there are many cracks that infidelity leaves. It is an experience that breaks you, makes hearts in the air nauseous and you decide to close the doors to love, for a long time. But what would you do if you found out that you are on the second course? If betrayal hurts, realizing that you are the “other” in the relationship rips to the core of you. Each zodiac sign has a way of reacting, but what should be clear is that they will not allow their faces to be seen again. This is how each sign acts when it discovers that it is the second plate:


If Aries discovers that you have been looking at his face the whole time, you have to know that it is the end of the relationship. He realizes that you are worth so little that he is not interested in any of your silly arguments. Do not expect him to receive you with a smile and if you insist, he will end up throwing you everything in his path. Remember that he is impulsive, rapturous and that when anger takes over his soul, he forgets all morality. But don’t worry, it is only the moment when you have to unload all the garbage, you will not invest time in revenge. They leave like the greats, leaving their mark and with all the indifference in the world, you simply no longer mean absolutely nothing in their life. Aries will enjoy more when karma puts you in your place and you come on your knees to beg. Forget it, forgiveness will only happen in your dreams.


He who dares to have a relationship at the same time that he tells Taurus that he loves him, really has a lot of value, because he does not know the beast that can awaken. It is the bull of the zodiac, the one that once anger gets into every pore, there is no one to stop it. You will need a lot of perseverance to beg because the first time it will ignore you. Taurus likes things straight ahead, he hates to beat around the bush and feels like a second-table dish hits his pride and there is no going back. He is not going to hurt you, you are no longer anyone in his life, he is simply going to reproach himself, for not seeing the red flags and letting someone who is worth so little enter his life. A Taurus, it hurts more the time invested, the times he introduced you to his friends, the experiences with his family. That’s when you feel disappointed, how you could open the doors wide, of your vulnerability. He did not realize, that hurts more.


Did you dare to see the face of a Gemini? The only thing I can tell you is to start begging but now, because there is nothing that can soften his heart, after such a low betrayal. The problem is that it is very difficult for Geminis to surrender, there is a part inside them that distrusts everything and with situations like this, they check it every day. Don’t expect a return, what he hates the most is feeling like he’s settling for crumbs. For this sign to feel comfortable and decide to have a relationship, it takes time and a lot of patience. But if they break it in such a low way and discover that it is the second table plate, it will make you regret it in a way that you could not imagine. Gemini, by the good, may be the sweetest person in the world, but by the bad, he does not give you a chance to breathe. You just have no idea who you messed with and no, he doesn’t need to put a single finger on you, his power is mental and with that, he can tear anyone to pieces.


Yes, Cancer is so good, it will possibly give you a chance to listen to yourself. But, he will not believe a single word of what you say, he just realizes that you need to sink into your own lies, and out of pity he lets you be. However, don’t expect it to come back to you like it’s nothing. What he hates most is disloyalty, realizing that he was sharing incredible moments with someone he never really knew. That’s when Cancer understands that she fell in love with an invented version, her imagination played a bad trick on her because she took care of making up each of your flaws. Cancer can smile at you and tell you that everything is fine, but as soon as you walk through the door you forget about their love forever. It is a sign that is worth a thousand nights of sleeplessness, a lot of love, and a real heart, it is not going to settle for being the second table dish.


Oops! Hurting a Leo in that way is really one of the worst decisions you can make in this life because that is synonymous with getting deep into their pride. It is a sign that is truly delivered, that is, it does not want anything by halves, it is demanding, and realizing that he was the third in the relationship is very painful. There is no doubt that he will leave the person and he will not think about it for a bit, do not try to change his mind, do not ask him to understand you. It is treason and that is not erased with anything, so the best thing you can do is disappear from your life. Not only did you humiliate him, but you were also lying to him while he let you into his days without any demands. From that moment you mean nothing, you are worth so little to him that he will not even take the time to mention you to his friends. Clean and clean.


Without a doubt, one of the worst plays you can make to a Virgo behind his back is to realize that you were cheating on him and that he was the second option. For him it is synonymous with chaos, you make him leave his comfort zone and that is when you can get to know the worst of Virgos. His personality most of the time may be calm, shy, and not include aggressiveness, but … when he feels hurt things change. You have no idea what outbursts a Virgo can experience.At the moment anger and resentment become his best allies and his only goal is to make you feel at least half of his pain. Perhaps Virgo needs to know more in detail, how did he end up involved in something like this? Do not get excited, he does not find out for you, it is for himself because he wants to uproot the situation and not see you again, not even in painting.


Yes, Libra is going to take a deep breath, while it seems to stare at you, but in reality, it is going backward, it is remembering all the times that it put you as a priority and that it was very afraid to give you its heart, but still, it did. You feel very confused, disappointed, and want to run away. It is a very noble sign, it can be broken, but more for what it gave than for betrayal. The fact that you see a couple of tears appear is not synonymous with that he will forgive you. If you had the audacity to put it as a second table dish, now you have to assume it’s goodbye. They will no longer trust you, it does not matter if you leave the other person or not. You just feel like you wasted too much and now all you want is to spend some time alone, to clean up all the mess that was left in your heart.


Something is clear to Scorpio, he does not want to fight his place anywhere, he does not see the need to compete with anyone and less for love. The worst thing anyone can do is trick you, paint you a world in which so-called loyalty is the main thing when in reality it is not. That is the lowest thing anyone can do and Scorpio is not going to fall, his dignity is much greater than all that garbage you try to wrap him in. So, he is going to be sincere, he will tell you all the anger that is inside him, because he does not intend to keep anything of you. He does not judge the other person, he feels sorry for him, because he is with someone who is worth so little. Forget it, he will not forgive you, even if you drag yourself in pain, and you can rest easy because Scorpio does not invest time to take revenge on someone like that. In the end, you know that it is that person who will miss so much genuine love from you and that is the best revenge because he will not have you again.


It is outrageous that people assume that because Sagittarius has a heart full of goodness, they will be able to treat it with the tip of the shoe. Yes, it may be less difficult for him to face the wounds, especially because he takes things from whoever they come from, and if it is complete garbage, everything makes it easier. However, it does not mean that you will agree to become the crumb center. If Sagittarius is clear about something, it is that they prefer their solitude a thousand times, before being with someone who does not know the meaning of loyalty. They say that he does not commit because they have not seen him in love and if they break his heart after he gives everything, things get worse. It is the first and the last drop that the glass is going to spill. It is not there to give second chances to anyone, you chose to give it second place, now you have to settle for being nothing in their life.


No matter how much you cry, how many times you repeat that you will not do it again. Capricorn is the one who dresses in ice the moment he feels betrayed, he is not really going to allow someone’s little love to tear him to pieces. Yes, you may feel that your world does not give for more, you will regret it because you are not one of those who give your heart so easily, but deep down you know that you are not to blame and that if the other person is not valued and he does not have the emotional maturity to respect a relationship, it is not his problem to change it. The moment Capricorn realizes that it is a second table dish, it is a final farewell, He doesn’t have time for your excuses, he doesn’t care why you did it. Well, the act speaks more for you, than all the pile of lies with which you try to convince it. The only thing you can do is respect the moment, walk away, and not make things worse.


Go ahead, if you want to cry, yell, insult, if your goal is to turn things around and make yourself the victim, without a doubt, you are dealing with the wrong person. Aquarius is a patient sign, he tries to remain calm, because he does not get along with conflicts, but that does not mean that he will act as if nothing happened after discovering that all this time, he has been the second option. That is synonymous with breaking it and maybe he doesn’t tell you anything at the moment, but inside he is remembering everything he experienced and the many times when his intuition told him that something strange was happening, but he ignored it. That is his courage, realizing that even his friends told him it was not worth it and still he tried. Aquarius is ready to say goodbye to you, there is nothing to make him come back. The rift has opened and now he will have to work very hard to heal.


One of the hardest moments for Pisces is the one in which he discovers that he gave too much, that he tried to see the good side in someone who was worth so little. That’s when their sensitive side is questioned, because Pisces tend to be very understanding, always trusting in the goodness of the other, when in reality there are people who will continue to be trash the rest of their days. It is sad, but deep down Pisces understands that the evil of the other does not have to affect the love that is in his heart. In the end, you just want to feel safe, to know that the person you love will be at their worst, but it is difficult to accept that that same person may be the reason for your pain. There is no point in apologizing, that is hypocrisy, it is trying to cover the sun with a finger. Don’t expect him to forgive you either, just give him his space and let him walk away without looking back. At least have a little courage to say goodbye for real.


This Is How Each Sign Works When It Discoveries What The Second Course Is

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