This is how a healthy relationship will feel like a toxic partner.

Sometimes we get stuck with toxic partners, even though we actually know that this relationship is not good for us at all. We often keep excuses and block out all the negative things so that we stay in this situation longer and longer. It is naive to believe that something will change on its own at some point. 

Toxic relationships are downright addicting and actually difficult to break free from, especially if you are scared of being alone. They make you feel that you are only complete with your partner and that you can no longer be without him.

Your partner treats you badly, ignores you, and may also display passive-aggressive behavior. You can never talk to him “normally” because he always pushes you where he wants you to be. He wants to be in control of you and he does that by manipulating you. 

Because of this, many people who are in a toxic relationship feel like a hostage. But it’s totally screwed up and twisted. He’s actually treating you badly, but most of the time you argue because he has something wrong with you. You are a big disappointment to him, even though you actually did everything right. But he’s the one who wants to break up with you because he doesn’t want that relationship anymore. He gets cold and ignores you. But at some point, he’ll come back to you and get you the stars from the sky. Then he pretends nothing has happened.

You feel that you are responsible for his feelings even when you cannot control the situation. If he’s had a bad day, he’ll blame you for it. He will blame you for all of this and act completely self-centered. That’s why you’re already walking around him as if on tiptoe because you absolutely want to avoid the next argument. 

But what will it be like when you’ve finally managed to break free from the clutches of this toxic partner? 

You will first have to adjust to the new situation. In the beginning, everything seems so strange to you and you have the feeling that you are not in the right place. Suddenly there is someone who no longer puts you down, but supports you. He no longer complains about your personality and accepts you for who you are.

You suddenly remember that this is exactly what you always wanted in your life. You don’t want to spend your life pleasing someone and always feel like you are not enough. 

You can finally be who you really are and no longer have to pretend or always watch what you say or do. You will find that certain situations will arise and you will have a certain expectation of this situation, which will not come true. It has happened so often in your past that you now assume that this person is the same as it was with all the toxic partners before. But you will now be convinced otherwise.

This person will not disappoint you and that will surprise you. You’ve taken on a pessimistic attitude by now, but it only becomes more positive because your worries and doubts are never confirmed. Instead, you experience respect and appreciation. 

All of this overwhelms you. You feel like you’re not good enough for it. Or you think it’s all too good to be true. At this moment, you absolutely mustn’t give up. You can’t just start an argument because you’re so used to it. You finally managed to build a healthy relationship for yourself. Yes, it might feel a little strange, but you just need a little time.

You have to let yourself go and learn to trust your partner – that’s all! 

You will see that it is good for you. You can finally do all the things in your life again that you always wanted to do without hurting your partner in any way. It’s no longer all about your partner, it’s about you this time. 

You will spend a lot of time together and have a lot of fun. You could of course argue, but you won’t have the feeling that this is the end. You will find a way together and talk about the things that happened. There are no insults or threats. You will not feel like damn, but you will be able to regulate it and communicate openly like adult people. 

Together you will search for the cause of your problems and dare to speak the truth and look into the past. In this way, you can get rid of the problems once and for all and build ever deeper trust in one another. 

Your friends will notice the difference too and will compliment you on your new healthy relationship. You can be seen in public, hold hands, and just be a happy couple. You can tell that you are happy and that you really have nothing to hide. 

You can compromise and freely express your opinions with this partner without fear of them leaving or ignoring you in a manipulative way. He will show understanding and deal with you. He wants to understand and know everything about you.

In addition, you can plan for the future together without having to worry that you won’t be able to do it together by then. You may even have common goals and work towards them together. 

You are experiencing a high in your life and you can’t stop smiling – that’s how good you will feel. You haven’t had this feeling of trust and security for a long time. And then one day you find out that you don’t have to shed tears at all because of your partner. You are in the right place with the right character. And that relationship can last forever! 


This is how a healthy relationship will feel like a toxic partner.



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