This happens when you stop appreciating the woman you love

The woman you love is the woman to whom you should show your appreciation.

You should give her all your time, all your care and all your love. You should take it with you on your journeys in life, and let them share your experiences. Show her something new by taking her by the hand and going through the craziest adventures with her. 

You should kiss her a million times and fulfill all her wishes. Show her the places she always wanted to see. And every day, give her the feeling that she is something very special. Spoil her and do her something good.

Because this woman is the woman of your life. She changed you and made you a better man. She loves you with all your quirks and knows you best from all people. She wiped your tears off your face when you were sick and needed them. She stood behind you, no matter what you wanted to throw off track. She loves all parts of you, including those parts that you hate so deeply about yourself.

She kissed your wounds, even those who should not see. She has listened to you and knows your destiny. The parts that only she knows and surrounds with her love. All this makes you perfect. And you know that, too!

This is the woman you should value, because you know deep inside you that there is no one else who loves you so unconditionally. Nobody will give you so much and ask for so little back. There is no one who loves you the way she does. Who kisses you with so much passion and sleeps with you.

You will experience such a deep connection only once in your life.

You should acknowledge this rarity and hold on tight. This love is extraordinary and should mean a lot to you. Because for something like that you have to fight and make an effort. You think that you can approach it with ease. You think that you will still have many chances. 

But believe that you should better fight for them while it is still possible. Your hearts are one and she adores you. Do not think that there can be anything better in your life. Your ego is trying to persuade you.

This woman is intelligent and has her own will. She knows what she wants and does not always share your opinion. It is not easy and even presents a real challenge for you. However, a straightforward woman would never satisfy you. It does not inspire you. And she will leave you as soon as you give yourself completely to her.

On the other hand, with the woman you have by your side, you can enjoy your freedom. She does not want you weak, but pushes your talents wherever it is possible. She argues with you because she worries about you. She wants to be there for you, listen to you, support you and give you her love.

But she can not wait forever until you start trying. At some point she will leave. She will not be able to bear that she does not get what she deserves. And that is appreciation. 

You should not risk that. Because you would lose the best in your life that you ever had. No matter what you do, do not let her go. I know how difficult that is because it can make you crazy. It will be frustrating. She could never just leave you like this. She always wants to satisfy you and inspire you. But she just has to reject you if you continue to use her so shamelessly.

Because this woman knows her value and has her personal limits. It will not always be there, no matter what you do. She loves you, but she also loves herself. She does not settle for someone who does not make her a priority. Because she does not just swim with the stream. She knows she deserves all your attention and desire. 

This love builds you up and makes your soul alive. Do not throw that away. Do not let love fail just because you are too lazy. Do not lose this woman just because you are too proud or because you are afraid. Do not listen to your ego and do not go with your selfishness. Someone else will realize how special she is. He will make an effort and conquer her heart. Because he would do anything to be with such a woman. 

So get up and fight! Do not let her fall, do not let her go. But wake up and recognize its value. Believe me, every effort you make will be worthwhile. Because if you do not do it now, you will end up finding it in the arms of another and deeply regretting it.

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