This goes to the men of today’s generation: How to treat a woman properly.

Men nowadays believe that women are there to serve them in one way or another, and they have apparently not been taught that if you treat a woman properly, you may benefit her as well. They watch us cry and break into 1000 pieces and yet they do not see our emotional strength by not breaking up and getting up again and again.

Gentlemen’s are no longer brought forward from their parents’ homes, and that is also the reason why today hardly anyone knows how to treat a woman properly. Many also come from families where the parents are divorced and they never really saw how the parents love and treat each other respectfully and so they subconsciously learned that there is no real love these days.

It is not that difficult to treat a woman well. Women do not ask you to take the stars from the sky and you do not have to lay the whole world at their feet. It just wants to be treated with respect, love and decency, is that really asking too much?

From time to time a small gift and not the material value of the gift is important, but much more the gesture. You do not have to give her any expensive presents, a small bouquet of flowers does it too. Do you think women take a T-shirt from you because they need it? No, they take it home because they want a piece of you with them.

Do not forget the best gifts you can give a woman, your time, attention and honest love. She too would be bored if you were 24 hours. 7 days a week next to her because she also leads an independent life outside the relationship, but being there for a few hours a day should not be a big deal, do not you agree?

It is also very important to understand the emotional world of a woman, probably you will never do that, but only the effort and the effort will make a woman happy. As you know, women are an emotional roller coaster ride and there is no end in sight. She does not want you to understand each of her actions and trains of thought, but at least trying to do it means a lot to her.

Women feel much more intense and a man probably can not grasp that, but all she wants is for you to accept that being part of our nature is like that.

Even if you have conquered her heart, try to treat her as if you were still trying to conquer her. Imagine she was not crazy about you and you had to fight for it, this attitude is right for a long relationship.

Remember all the things you have done to conquer their hearts and their love. You treated her well at the time, probably even better now than at the moment. A little more effort and effort for the woman you love would not kill you, would it?

Listen to her. We know how to solve our worries and we also have the ability to perform our battles alone, it’s just that we need someone who listens to us and is important to what we have to say. I want to know if you are interested, what I am talking about and if you would be willing to fight with me and if you would be willing to accept my concerns. It is very important for a woman to know if you are there for her when it comes to hard on hard.

Do not destroy the trust that you have built up together and take it for granted that it always gives you full confidence. Show her that she can rely on you and make her feel like you are forever with her. Because believe me, once you cheat her, it will never be the same again, and most likely there will be no second chance from her.

Hide nothing from us. We will always find out. Sometimes it may take longer, but in the end we always find out what you have tried to keep secret. For the most part, we’ve known it all the time, just waiting and watching to see what you’re doing, watching you lure yourself into lies in your own web. You do not like to keep anything secret from us, because there is always one woman we know who knows another, who knows what you are hiding.

Always take care of yourself. No matter how much we want you to be there for us, we still want you to take care of yourself. Take care of your own life and do not give up your own to play a role in mine. Do everything that needs to be done, as long as it does not hurt the relationship.

No woman wants a man whose life turns 100% only to the woman by his side. Have a life that also works outside the relationship, because if both are always just on top of each other, then it harms both at the end.

Love her in a respectful and honest way. Because if you really love her, you will never treat her disrespectfully and you would not do anything that would hurt her.

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