This color will make you irresistible on the first date

What color do you go for on the first date? Elegant black? Please do not: there is a certain color that men cannot take their eyes off of

Red makes you irresistible

“What should I wear on the first date?” – I’m sure you know this question too. So that we feel comfortable in our skin on the first date, we subconsciously usually tend to use muted colors like dark blue, gray, and black. This is a mistake.

Science is now also dealing with the question of color – and has come to a surprising result: For a successful date, a woman should definitely wear red! If you choose a red dress or a red top, your dating partner will not only be unable to take their eyes off you but will also subconsciously attribute positive traits to you. (Incidentally, that doesn’t coincide with the 3 things women pay attention to on a first date.)

The reason is evolutionary

Why men are attracted to the color red is based on evolution. Red is the color of blood and blood is the “most obvious” sign of a woman that she is “fertile”. Thus, red stands for fertility. The color acts as a trigger for the male gender, through which he finds a woman romantic attractive at the first glance and is not even aware of the effect of the color.

By the way, science has found that men not only find women who wear red more attractive but are also more likely to ask them out on a date. And: You even spend more money on a date when you wear red. If that’s not good news!

So be sure to upgrade your wardrobe with a few red pieces! You can use it to wrap anyone around your finger.


This color will make you irresistible on the first date

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