“You can not always be right!”

You have all the time you need to be right, and besides, you are as stubborn as a mule. When you argue about something, you just never let go.

It’s a great personality trait for leaders and those who pursue their dreams intensely, but when it comes to relationships, you’re hard to cash in.

Your ex had never dared to tell you that you can not always be right. You argue for nothing, and you never let go.


“You are obsessed with the opinion of others”.

It’s not just about Instagram and Facebook. It’s not just about where you’ve been and your day’s outfit.

You are the kind of person who fights for what she wants. You like beautiful things in life, but you will work hard to get them.

What your ex has never dared to tell you is that sometimes you look superficial. You care too much about what others will say about you and how they see you.


“You’re overflowing with emotions.”

You are a person who tends to go from happiness to depression in a few minutes.

You are extremely emotionally unstable, and not everyone around you can stand it.

You react excessively because you think too much, and sometimes you are the reason why the situation you are in seems worse than it is.

What your ex did not dare to tell you is that you care too much about yourself and your emotions. You neglect the feelings of others throughout.


“You defend yourself by being mean.”

You are too emotional and you always take things too seriously. Every criticism you receive, you see it as a personal attack against you.

Because you take things too seriously, you sometimes end up being mean to people who do not deserve it.

One of these people was your ex. When he was trying to help you by drawing attention to something you probably did wrong or something you said, you were nasty about it and you hurt him.

You do it as a self-defense mechanism, regardless of the emotions of others.


“You have a big ego too!

You are very territorial, but when you are in a relationship, it gets even worse. You become too needy, and that’s what makes your partner crazy.

You crave attention and do not know what your partner needs.

What your partner did not dare to tell you is that you are not alone in this relationship. You are not alone in having needs and needing attention.


“You have to relax a little!”

Your need for control is sometimes exaggerated. You are the kind of person who likes to be responsible for everything around you, and you can not stand it any other way. You are thirsty for an order of which you are the master.

Your ex did not dare to tell you that your controlling nature had caused him to leave the relationship and that sometimes you should have relaxed a little. You have to let things take their course.


“You can not change someone to become what you want.”

You are looking for absolute perfection. From the smallest detail to the big issues of your life, you want everything to be perfect.

The problem is that you expect the people around you to behave flawlessly while you do not meet the standards.

What your ex did not dare to tell you is that you can not change someone to live by your rules and that your standards are ridiculously high. Nobody can live up to that.


“Let some things go.” 

You are the kind of person who can remain resentful forever. If someone steps on you, you will never forgive him.

You’re stuck in the past, what hurts you, and you just can not give up.

What your ex did not dare to tell you is that if you continue to live in the past, you will become a jealous and bitter person.


“Your humor is not always funny.”

You are known as the king of sarcasm and not everyone likes this kind of humor. You’re joking at the expense of others, and for you, that’s perfectly normal.

But some people do not understand that kind of humor, and it hurts them when you say something nasty.

What your ex did not dare to tell you is that your words hurt. And while you laugh, some cry from the inside. Try to understand that your humor is not for everyone.


“You lack imagination. “

Capricorns love to play the security card. They do not want to splurge because they do not like to stand out from others. You are motivated, you work hard, but the problem is that you do not take risks.

What your ex did not dare to tell you is that you always play the security card and that it was boring like anything. You should do more exciting and unpredictable things in life.


“You’re too obsessed with your appearance in the eyes of others.”

You are too obsessed with validation. You want confirmation that what you are doing is good.

While you are going to accomplish great things because you are smart and bold, the problem is that you do not do it because of you, but because of others.

What your ex did not dare to tell you is that you need constant approval and validation that what you are doing is right.


“I need someone who has both feet on the ground.”

You live in your own world. You like daydreaming, art and spirituality, but these things do not often bring food to the table.

Your spirituality and free spirit make you look lazy, but you are not. You just have to make an effort to prove it to others.

What your ex did not dare to tell you was that he did not feel financially and materially secure with you because you seemed a little too free of mind.


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