Things That Cancer Cannot Support

Things That Cancer Cannot Support

Cancer, you have a noble heart and patience that many would like for themselves… You know very well that great things do not happen by themselves. You are positive and fight for your ideals until the end. Now… What happens when someone annoys you and tries to get on your nerves? We are going to see what are the things that Cancer cannot stand and those that he is not willing to ignore.


If there is something that you cannot stand, it is the lack of tact, Cancer. Your enormous sensitivity sometimes makes you feel hurt more easily. Many times, people take advantage of trust and do things that really should not be done. You know that it is a mistake that anyone can make, but also that anyone can avoid if they think a little about others. You are overcome by the fact of seeing how someone close exceeds in their treatment towards you. Those people who believe that because they are your “friend” they can say whatever they want about you and about others. You can’t stand it.


Cancer you don’t go through there. Look, you may not be the most tactful person in the world, although it really annoys you when others don’t have it with you. But if there is something you cannot stand, it is injustice. You are undoubtedly one of the most peaceful signs of the Zodiac. You don’t like confrontations, but if you consider that an unfair situation is taking place, then you don’t hesitate to pull nails and teeth if necessary. Also, you won’t be able to stand to see how they unfairly target weaker people or people who can’t defend themselves. In this sense, you have an admirable poise that makes others respect you when you are serious…


You are one of the best in the things that you like and are passionate about, that’s why when someone appears who can overshadow you in this regard, you get easily irritated. It bothers you a lot that there may be a person who in bad faith tries to surpass you or what could be worse, trample on you. Not only professionally, but also personally. Everything must be said, Cancer, when they show you good intentions and desire to collaborate with you, then you become the best partner. You work hand in hand and you rejoice in the achievements of the good people who are by your side. You are competitive, but you like to play fair and that says a lot about you.


If there is one thing that you cannot stand, Cancer, it is those rude people. You need to live in a warm and familiar environment. That or live alone. What you can’t stand is living with people who make you unstable, who break your rest, who don’t respect some minimum and basic rules to have a good coexistence. When you’re in a relationship, the same thing happens. For you, going through everything and not complying with the basic rules is not going for you. You like to live in harmony, do your daily tasks and come home knowing that the peace you long for so much awaits you.


It is clear that no one would put up with a betrayal, but least of all you, Cancer. You can put up with a lot of things, because you have stamina, but when it comes to betrayal everything is different. If that happens, you would become someone totally different from that person who was able to betray you. Moreover, as everything that is done is paid as soon as you have the opportunity, you will collect it. You are not one of those who plan revenge, you simply execute it naturally. Sometimes you are able to forgive and give second chances, especially when it comes to someone very dear to you. But if that person wants to earn your trust again, it will be difficult for them.


Things That Cancer Cannot Support

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