Taurus is resilient, persistent, passionate, supportive, and although many people see their energy as stubborn and even somewhat aggressive, it is not. There are things that are not negotiable and these are some of the traits that people who want to spend their lives with Taurus must-have. And I’m sorry but no, there is no negotiation that is worth it. Either you have it or you get lost.

You must be a legitimate person

This semitone does not go well with Taurus, in fact, it destabilizes him a lot. If the Taurus finally decides to take this important step in the relationship, it is because he wants to do it to the end, without secrets, without distance … The Taurus will be much happier in a committed and close relationship than in that where there is too much free time.

You can’t send everything to hell at the first change

Taurus is a person who fights and defends what he thinks is right, so one of the most important rules you should know is that, for Taurus, discussions stay there, in discussions. You have to create good communication from the start. Only that. Do not try to change your mind, do not try to change his way of being because he is unbreakable.

You must be very patient

Taurus does not give his heart to anyone, in fact, it is very difficult to give it to someone. You have to give it time so that in the end it starts with you and above all, you have to prove it over and over again. He wants someone close to him who really wants to know him.

You must be a support, not an obstacle

Taurus sees big, sometimes it even seems that he has too many fantasies in his head despite his realism. And anyway, Taurus is not going to think of doing little things. He will already succeed in doing everything he has in mind. He therefore needs you to be there, to support him and not to be an obstacle. And if you don’t believe in him, don’t say it, keep supporting them and that’s it. You don’t want someone to give you advice on how to do things, you just want someone to be there.

Do not give it too much space

The love of the Taurus must be nourished day after day and if a lot of time passes without this food, the Taurus loses its strength… It is like that. Therefore, the space is good as long as it is necessary but do not take off too much because otherwise, it will eventually take off …

I love you to the end

And if there is something that scares you, say it, but please don’t create false expectations. Taurus tends to think with their head and not with their heart, but in love, they are ready to take all necessary risks. In fact, no matter how cold you want to be, you can’t unless you put limits on the relationship. Taurus will catch it soon.



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