They Did Have Feelings But They Sold Them To Buy Heels

They were the quiet ones, the ones who gave their all and few listened to them. They gave themselves body and soul, with a dedication that no one appreciated, and little by little they faded. It’s not that they no longer believe in love, it’s just that they prefer to put up a huge barrier because they don’t want to give anyone the power to tear them apart. They did have feelings, but they sold them to buy heels. Now their steps are firmer and they are not dazzled by the first person who speaks beautifully to them.


She is so intense that one day she cried seas, got angry until a whole forest burned down and that’s when she discovered that she is not there to receive anyone’s leftovers. Now, she is determined, people call her stubborn because they do not make her change her mind and she is not afraid of anything. He no longer wants to become the shadow of love, he is not going to allow any couple to turn off his light. She has a lot of dreams to fulfill and if the love that accompanies her does not support her, she will not linger by her side. That Aries woman is already in the past. He doesn’t care if he has to turn the page a thousand times.


The fool, the one who does not understand reasons, because she is fed up with everyone feeling that they have the right to have an opinion on their life. Taurus knows that he does not have to apologize to anyone and less if he is doing things that are born to him, it is his essence that speaks for itself. If other people don’t like the door, it is too big. Yes, he has feelings, but he will no longer be depressed by the bad attitude of love. Now, whoever wants a seat in his life is going to have to meet his standards. He does not care if they leave, because his happiness does not depend on someone else. The same continues to smile while raising a glass in his honor.


How fortunate to have realized that you are a beautiful, intelligent woman with the gift of communication. It even seems absurd that at some point in your life you let your self-esteem break just to beg for a little attention. You are no longer there to be complacent in everything, you do not care if they judge you badly, you prefer that they stay with that image than with that of a woman who does not defend herself and always gives in. You know that your heart is very valuable and that there are loves that only deserve to know it above. It’s simple, if you want to earn it you have to show genuine interest. You are not here to be loved today and not tomorrow.


Emotional you? Of course, yes, and the truth is not something that will keep you awake. You are used to struggling with your thoughts and feelings, you are not going to hold back to please people. You are the captain of your ship, you decide who has the opportunity to enter and who does not. It’s not that you’ve turned cold, it’s just that you no longer plan to tolerate anything that bothers you or steals tears. Intuition keeps you away from negative people and therefore has become your guide in everything. You don’t care if they say you’re rude, if someone doesn’t trust you, they won’t earn your smile. It is better to be the villain, than the hypocrite in the story.


You are not there to follow orders, it is difficult enough to listen to yourself to still deal with the shadows of others. They say that with the wounds you became controlling and distant, but I would say that now you are powerful. You trust that you are a woman of high value and have no need to beg for love. They may see you as a threat because your security makes the other feel inferior. Of course, that is a problem that has to work, you do not think to make yourself small to enter anyone’s life. That the world is full of millions of hearts, enough to be hooked with just one.


Maybe after so many bad experiences, you have become too picky. What they don’t know is that it is never enough, you love to be thorough and critical. It is impossible for you to have the door of your emotions wide open. You know that there are people who are experts in pretending and you are not going to give them the power to hurt you at will. You have a big, caring, and kind heart, but you are not going to give it to someone who has no idea of ​​your story. You are not here to minimize your walk, you know that you are not perfect and it is not your intention to become the victim of the story, but you are not going to give them the pleasure of trampling your soul.


Make no mistake, the fact that Libra is not an emotionally open book doesn’t take away from its charm. She is a woman who is used to stealing glances because her attractiveness is noticeable for miles and I’m not just talking about the physical, you really get lost in her laughter, the positive energy that she radiates, and that pacifist way of finding the middle ground in everything. . She is no longer there to please people, she cares much more about her stability than that of the rest and her indecision disappears when she feels the bad vibes in some new love. She does believe, but she has become suspicious and now prefers to show her sensitivity to those who are worthwhile.


She is Scorpio, the woman who realized that she deserves someone who will stay by her side no matter what happens, who will walk hand in hand in every battle, and who is able to plunge into darkness. She is an honest woman and does not keep anything, even if it means that some feel bad or even cry. It is not your intention to hurt anyone, but you are not going to pretend something that you do not feel just to please others. She has beautiful feelings, but she has covered herself with a huge shell because that is how she feels safe and away from emotional predators. When it’s hard they walk away.


Read well, so that there is not a single doubt. The moment a woman like Sagittarius sets out to do something, she gets it. She does not have much patience to wait for the Universe to do its thing, she knows perfectly well that there are times when she has to do everything on her part so that the story ends the way she wants. He did not lose his feelings, only that he no longer has the calm to wait for someone to change. The first time she is made to feel less, humiliated, or hurt, she realizes that she has nothing to do with such a person. Their well-being is much more important than what people say and if you behave with sloppy attitudes, don’t expect them to continue to welcome you with open arms.


Life is like that, you cannot depend emotionally on anyone, because the day you did it, your world fell apart and you believed that you would never get up again, but you discovered that as long as you respect your convictions there is nothing that can defeat you. You are not here to compete with anyone, your goal is not to fight for the love they are supposed to give you without having to beg. Whether it’s love or friendship, you want relationships in which everything is reciprocal and you don’t have to live in fear that at any moment your company will be replaced. Capricorn is the woman who wants much more than praise, she wants facts and if you are not ready for that, go away.


They call you cold, calculating, the woman who enters and disappears from your life in the blink of an eye. It is not that you have lost your ability to love, it is just that you are not going to allow them to get excited the first time, if you see that their intentions are very ambitious, you stop them without fear. At times, it may seem that you are not at all understanding, but in reality, you have already analyzed the situation thoroughly and if you treat someone in a distant way it is because you discovered that their presence is only hurting you. Aquarius, you are not going to go after someone who does not lift a finger to be by your side, forget it!


If they treat you with the tip of the toe, it is practically silly that they expect you to receive them with all the love in the world. For a long time, you were the nice, calm woman, the one who allowed herself to be shaken mercilessly and said nothing. However, thanks to all the damage, you learned not to trust that love that is sold as a fairy tale, and that tears you to pieces at the first opportunity. Let them not dare to say that you have no feelings because there is a no purer and more passionate soul in the entire zodiac than yours. It’s just that in order for them to get to know her they will have to show that they deserve a space in your days. More than pretty words, you want to feel their honesty.


They Did Have Feelings But They Sold Them To Buy Heels

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