They Are Allergic To Being Told That They Love Them And Not Showing It

They Love Them And Not Showing It

They Are Allergic To Being Told That They Love Them And Not Showing It

There are women who have a volcanic spirit, their energy is felt in the first exchange of words. They are dreamers, vibrant, with great dreams and they don’t even allow themselves to be manipulated. They are the same ones who one day were promised the Moon and the stars, but they did not deliver. Therefore, they became skeptical, if someone wants to be part of their love list, they have to earn it and it won’t be easy. I’m talking to you about them, they are allergic to being told they love them and not showing it.


A woman who does not leave her challenges for later thirsts to demonstrate her abilities and does not conform to the ideal that others want for her. She doesn’t let herself be wrapped easily, she needs more than a pretty case. Aries is very aware of what she offers, opens her heart, and shares her intelligence, so she is not willing to accept less from the other. 


She has a very special connection with the earth, which is why she cannot help but be responsible and patient, but that does not mean that she is going to allow her partner to treat her with the tip of the foot, on the contrary, she is very meticulous when the objective is to impart rules. She doesn’t like to rush things, if you want to build something long-term, you’re going to have to dig deeper little by little, if you pressure her she moves away from her. 


Do you want to discover everything about Gemini? Good luck with that, because he is the most unpredictable person you will ever meet in your life. She loves to break up the monotony, she is witty, and fun and she doesn’t like to sit still. If someone fills her head with stories, she will have to do it with actions as well, otherwise, she will give him the indifference of her. When a Gemini is cold, she is worse than ice. 


The woman who embraces her intuitive side in a very sweet way. It’s true, that her emotions are out of control, but that doesn’t mean she lets her guard down easily. Cancer falls in love with the bones, but she is not stupid, do not play with her feelings, because she takes you out of her heart forever. When it comes to grudges she forgets everything, what she wants is to teach you a lesson. 


She is the type of woman who steals attention wherever she steps, she exudes fire, her security imposes and her charming side makes you fall in love. However, she is very selective, because her heart is kind when she truly loves and she is not willing to give more than she receives. She wants a partner who appreciates her, respects her, and listens to her. If that person cannot give her that, she better not get in the way, because there are those who are worth it. 


A difficult woman to read, but not to love, because when you manage to get to her roots, you realize that she is wonderful, sweet, and protective. She is very tender, but also meticulous, she does not like to take love lightly, and she is an expert in detecting bad intentions. If you don’t make her feel safe, valued, and loved, she leaves. She is the type of woman that you will only meet once in your life, believe me, no matter how much you look for her on other lips, you will not find her. 


A caress to the heart, perhaps that is the description of what it feels like to have a relationship with Libra. When he decides to love you, he teaches you the meaning of unconditional is. She has a very intense side that invites her to let herself go and not listen to anyone, it is her and that person. She does not leave you to your fate, if you need her she will be there to inspire you, support you, and lift you up in bad times. But she, she is not your savior, if she is not reciprocated, she leaves. 


A woman who breaks her own limits does not like to sit idly by while life passes in front of her nose. She is very determined, when she makes a decision the foolish side of her activates and she doesn’t listen to anyone. If she decides to remove someone from the days she is real, she is not interested in hearing arguments. Scorpio listens to what her heart and her mind tell him about her, if you don’t love her, leave. 


She is the woman who honors flirting, the one who catches you with her sense of humor, and her curious side invites you to discover everything that comes your way. She is very resistant, she does not let herself fall for anyone, even when she loves with her soul. With it you won’t get bored, it’s like buying an eternal trip. However, the only way she will let you be part of her life is if you show her that you want to take her hand and travel the world. She runs away from cowards. 


Don’t you dare tell a Capricorn woman how to take care of herself. She knows very well what she does and it has taken her a long time to get to the top, to settle for scraps in terms of love. Sometimes, she has to show the cold side of her to keep quiet because they think that by being polite they can see her face. She may not go down to the level of bad love, but if she leaves, she is forever. 


The Aquarius woman loves to break with convention, she is the one who loves the eccentric and what has to do with freedom. If you are not prepared to see her conquer everything around her, I recommend that you do not take up her time anymore. She wants a love that is capable of keeping up with her, that fills her with life and tells her that she adores her craziness. Don’t even try to put chains on her, her independence comes first. She knows very well that love is not control. 


Don’t get carried away by the romantic side of Pisces. Of course, she is very empathetic and intense, when it comes to sharing her emotions, but she doesn’t get carried away with just anyone. Before telling you what she feels, she needs to analyze you thoroughly. She is a warm and friendly woman, but she is not going to let you see her face, if you don’t make her feel special, she becomes disillusioned with her. Her love is too compassionate for those who only half love. 

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