We want all friends who are always there for us and who would even walk through the fire for us. Some zodiac signs are the most loyal companions and cultivate their friendships very much.

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The scorpion walks over corpses if need be. But once this zodiac sign has taken someone into his heart, he would go through fire for that person. Because the Scorpio is incredibly loyal and supports his friends wherever possible. That makes him one of the best friends ever. However, you shouldn’t mess with the Scorpio. Because once the zodiac sign has drawn the line in a friendship, there is no turning back.


Even if the Capricorn can sometimes be very stubborn and narrow-minded in a friendship, he is still one of the most loyal friends of all. He would do anything for his loved ones and is always behind them. Even if they are really in a lot of anger and other people avoid them because of it, the Capricorn stands behind his friends.


Cancer loves to talk to his friends about feelings and emotions. Once he opened up to someone, he blindly trusts that person and would go through fire for them. But that’s what he expects from them in return. Because one thing is incredibly important for cancer in a friendship: mutual trust!

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The virgin often sinks into her work and therefore has little time for her own private life and circle of friends. Even if she can’t attend girls’ evenings that often, she would really do anything for her closest friends. Because she is incredibly caring. As soon as the BFF has problems, the virgin rushes to her and talks to her all night. She’s just very loyal.


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