Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, the time of year when romance awakens and the desire to escape reality with a loved one.

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday celebrated around the world.

It is celebrated on February 14th and on this day people in different countries have celebrated love for more than fifteen centuries.

Valentine’s Day has been around for more than 1,500 years, but according to some pagan traditions, the holiday of “love” was popular in earlier times.

In ancient Rome, the festival of plenty was celebrated on February 15th. He was called Lupercalia.

The women would write love letters that were placed in a huge urn.

The men would then pull out the letters at random and meet with the women who wrote them for them.

They also played fun ritual games in honour of the god Pan, protector of flocks, forests, fields and fertility.

oh ancient mythology, Pan was a cheerful fellow who loved to spend time in the woods, playing the flute and try to seduce the local nymphs with his big hooves.

Today the first things we think of when we hear the word Valentine’s Day are flowers, love letters, chocolate and romance.

This day is such a wonderful festival of love that it is not surprising that many spend it with loved ones in creative ways.

Even when people are single, they spend that day with friends or just enjoy a cozy night at home to care for themselves.

Whether you’re in a relationship or single looking for a partner, everyone wants to experience romance on February 14th.

But is that written in the stars? Well, it all depends on your character.

The intense astrology of this Valentine’s Day says a lot about what to expect.

But there are sure to be a few lucky zodiac signs that will be blessed with a sweet and romantic cosmic spark this year.

1. Aries

This is going to be the most beautiful Valentine’s Day for Aries because they finally have someone to celebrate it with.

Not only are they head over heels in love with all of these bad partners who tried to bring them down.

Of course, because you’ve already told them that they don’t need such lame people anyway.

Now enjoy your life with someone who sees you for who you really are, as the best partner in the whole world.

Because this love they enjoy is so pure, it has to come from a water zodiac sign, but others are not out of it either.

You will definitely enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day, but you have to hold back a little with your passion and save it for other days as well.

2. Scorpio

Valentine’s Day is going to be pretty unexpected for any lonely Scorpio.

Especially for those who long for someone special from their past, there might be a reunion with them.

What is interesting about this aquatic zodiac sign is their magnetic ability, with which they really pull everything they desire into their orbit.

This applies not only to goals but also to their love life, and the next time they go out or visit a coffee shop, they will see someone from their past who has been their object of desire.

While many may find it uninteresting to get an old love back, the ego-controlled Scorpio will thoroughly enjoy it and see it as an exciting opportunity to show them what they have lost.

After all, the universe hears the longings that Scorpio hides while walking in his dreams at night.

3rd bull

We can all agree that Taurus is a zodiac sign that never gets enough love or is always stuck in toxic relationships.

Even if all they want is someone to hold on to and share their food, they will still be disappointed.

You never expect anything, but this Valentine’s Day you can slowly change that attitude.

After all the hardships they have endured, they will find a gentle soul who has many similarities with them, possibly an air sign.

For them this is the year that they definitely reclaim their personal freedom and someone airy will help them out.

This is the kind of love they really deserve, and not the one that holds back their warmth.

4. Twins

Valentine’s Day has special surprises in store for the loving twins this year.

Someone they have had a crush on for a while will surprise them with a sweet message or a romantic date.

And if they don’t, then they will surely get that person’s attention in a different way.

The truth is that in 2021, Gemini will be more beautiful and smarter than ever, and besides this person, they will receive a lot of invitations from other people.

This year they are definitely an object of desire and they will enjoy a lot of attention.

The most important thing is that you don’t break too many hearts because that’s not really good for your karma.

5. Capricorn

Capricorns’ love lives weren’t exactly the best last year, but this year for Valentine’s Day it will be different.

You will actually choose to spend this day alone and single without forcing anything or trying to make bad relationships work.

How is that supposed to be a good Valentine’s Day, you ask?

Well, for them this is great because at last they won’t be under pressure to look for stability, but instead they will realize that they need to embrace love with spontaneity.

They will invest more time in their emotional health and be able to love themselves first before loving anyone else.

True love takes time, but it’s definitely something to wait for.

6. Cancer

Sweet Cancer will have a loving Valentine’s Day with the love of his life.

While this year isn’t exactly the best year for a romantic getaway, that doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day won’t be great.

The creative Cancer will surely find a way to enjoy this day and make it exciting.

You will spend Valentine’s Day either with a romantic movie night or a good lunch in an excellent local restaurant.

The important thing is that there is a lot of food, candles, flowers and kisses involved.

After all, Cancer is supposed to feel especially comfortable on love day, and the lack of tension will be compensated for in the bedroom.


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