2020 could be turbulent because for some of us the coming year will be dominated by young people. Are you ready to start a family and are you longing for a baby? For three zodiac signs, it could soon be so far …

According to the horoscope: These zodiac signs will become pregnant in 2020


It is said that virgins are orderly, competitive and prefer to do everything themselves so that it will be perfect. You may be able to prove your organizational talent soon because it could well be that the stork will come by in 2020. As someone who always takes care of everyone and already lovingly cares for family and friends, you will also take great care of future children.


Crayfish are absolute family people. Open-minded, caring and loyal, they take care of their loved ones with sacrifice and stand by them with advice and action. Pregnancy? It would be the consequent next step for you – after all, your relationship has been going in regular, trusting ways for years. Who knows, the stars are good that you can seriously think about youngsters in 2020.


It may take until the end of the year, but bulls could also get pregnant in 2020. Even if it throws you off the track as a creature of habit: the thought of a Mini-Me makes you shine, you can feel the eternal connection to the offspring in the first weeks of pregnancy. You know: You will love this little person until the end of your life. This corresponds more easily to your faithful nature than a bull, which reinforces the mom gene.


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