These Zodiac Signs Tend To Be Long Term Singles

Long Term Singles

These Zodiac Signs Tend To Be Long Term Singles

After the winter for couples, summer means one thing for many: hot dates and lots of adventure. For some, the “Hot Girl Summer” is not a seasonal thing, but a permanent condition.

Because these zodiac signs are long-term singles.


Taurus is extremely picky. He knows exactly what he wants from a potential partner and will not be satisfied until every item on the wish list is met.
But this list is peppered with pretty high demands and a lot of requirements that hardly anyone can really meet.

That’s why the bulls tend to look longer for the next relationship because they are sure: the right one is out there. And until you run into this person, you can let off steam a bit.


Leos love being single. Because as extroverts, they like to constantly meet new people, go on extravagant dates and simply enjoy life to the fullest.
They always put themselves first and want at all costs to make sure they achieve all of their personal goals and experience everything that’s on their bucket list.
With this focus, Leos can also be alone and live their lives without a relationship.

Because whether it’s a trip through Europe, a move, or a job change: the lions are always self-confident and have such a large social environment that they don’t even need a stable relationship to feel secure. Quite the contrary: for many Leos, a relationship often has a hindering and restrictive effect, which is why they prefer to be long-term single.


As a very emotional zodiac sign, Cancers often find it difficult to open up completely to others. Because they have been hurt too often in the past, the memories of past dating failures are too painful. Cancers, creatures of habit, prefer it when they can fully concentrate on what they know will not disappoint them: themselves. Cancers are therefore often known in their circle of friends for being the long-term singles who keep coming back for more emphasis: “I just don’t need a relationship right now!”

This sounds positive at first and like self-care, but it can quickly have the consequence that the crabs isolate themselves more and more. Dear Cancer, a little tip: you don’t have to rush headlong into the next love adventure, but self-sabotage is no solution either.

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