There are people who are ready to rumble in the bathroom in less than five minutes. And then there are those who put on a regular ceremony in the morning and it really takes a long time to leave the bathroom.

Especially with these zodiac signs you have to be very patient:


The somewhat chaotic Aquarians like to overlook time in the bathroom. When the water in the shower is running soooo pleasantly over the body or the podcast is in an exciting place, you just can’t hurry. On top of that, Aquarians are very, really, very thorough about their morning hygiene. Not a day goes by without you brushing your teeth for at least five minutes, gargling with a mouthwash and then polishing everything with dental floss.


If you are in the zodiac sign Cancer, you tend to be a little vain every now and then. This is why Cancers set themselves an early alarm clock so that they have enough time in the bathroom. This is also a real ceremony for the zodiac sign. First comes the refreshing shower with peeling, then the body lotion and finally a little fragrance, before she finally takes care of the styling and the like. One thing is very important: Meanwhile, a few candles are burning to provide even more relaxation …


Virgos are considered absolute perfectionists. If you have something on your mind, then it has to happen exactly as well – if not, you are completely thrown off course. Therefore, this zodiac sign also spends a very long time in the bathroom. Because absolutely nothing is left to chance – from the hairstyle to the make-up and the right outfit. Everything has to be perfect! Only then can Virgos start the day well.