These Zodiac Signs See Competition In Everyone

Competition In Everyone

These Zodiac Signs See Competition In Everyone

Competitive thinking can always be an advantage, especially in everyday work or training, and serves as a source of motivation for many. However, some zodiac signs overdo this approach and see competition in almost everyone.

These three zodiac signs are driven by competition.


Leos love the limelight. They prefer to be the center of attention and provide the main entertainment in every round with their stories. The vain and ambitious Leo, therefore, finds it very difficult to tolerate it when someone else is the focus.

He then quickly begins to see the other person as a competition and to compare himself to them. For the ambitious lion, this usually ends in competitions: who was able to entertain the circle of friends better, who submitted the better project, who had the nicer outfit.

However, the zodiac sign does not immediately see the competitor as a danger, but often as a drive to make more of oneself and to take self-optimization to a new level. As a result, the lion always creates new challenges that he wants to master.


The zodiac sign Gemini is about the optics in many areas. They want to be interesting, fun, and exciting, and they do their best to maintain that image. Geminis usually maintain a large social environment in which they have a very specific role and also assign a role to their friends.

However, if the friends then fall out of line or develop in a different direction in the eyes of the zodiac sign, Geminis are quick to judge even their closest friends. Because Geminis want to keep order; whoever could challenge them for the throne as the most interesting or funniest person automatically becomes their rival. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your best friend, your nice work colleague, or your boss.


Aries like to be in charge. They love being in a leadership position and thrive when they can dictate to others what needs to be done. In order to get to the top, however, they usually have to work hard and overcome many hurdles. As a result, they often develop an enormous competitive spirit that they find difficult to shed later in life.

Because once you see those around you as competitors, it’s hard to mentally make friends with them. But over time, many Aries manages to find a balance and realize that being competitive can quickly become toxic. The zodiac sign then manages to work in a team and share the limelight with others.

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