These zodiac signs only think of vacation all the time

We all agree on one thing: We are all ready for a vacation! But some of us dream a little more of lying on the beach and stretching our feet into the sea than others. These zodiac signs in particular have nothing else on their minds than holidays.

A cocktail in the beach bar? Or shopping in the metropolis? Anyway, the main thing is away …


The dynamic Aries knows exactly what he wants. And at the moment, but also always, it’s just a vacation! And because nothing works without planning, the zodiac has already determined exactly when to go where. A short weekend trip here and an extensive beach vacation should of course not be missing. There are hardly any moments when Aries does not think of dreamy sunsets on the beach or the sound of the sea. Practical: if someone needs advice on where to go next, Aries has a tip ready immediately!


The curious twins would like to be constantly on the move . Unfortunately, since this lifestyle is neither compatible with professional life nor with the bank balance, alternatives are needed. And they usually look like this zodiac sign can’t get enough of scrolling through travel accounts on Instagram or watching hours of travel documentaries. For partners and friends, this can sometimes be quite exhausting, because twins love to talk about their past trips and really don’t leave out any detail …


Cancers really only need one thing to enjoy their life to the fullest: a beach! In order to make the time span until the next vacation a little more pleasant , this zodiac sign likes to take refuge in daydreams and think of the fresh sea breeze and the hustle and bustle on the beach promenade . To let the holiday feeling flow into everyday life, Krebse love to work on their summer hit playlist. No matter what time of year! A Cancer’s favorite small talk topic? The most beautiful beaches in the world, of course …


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