There’s really nothing better than a really good meal, right? Some of us live in a hungry permanent condition, others are already thinking about dinner while just enjoying a delicious breakfast. In short: there are signs of the zodiac that just have one thing on their mind: food!

And what they are, we reveal here:


Hardly a day goes by when fish don’t look forward to eating! Be it the fresh fruit bowl in the morning, a small snack at lunchtime or the big dinner in the evening. If you want to impress this zodiac sign, it’s best to learn to cook very quickly – because that’s the fastest way to win your heart. Apart from that, love literally goes through the stomach anyway. So fish know what they’re talking about. Instead of looking for qualities like humor or loyalty, the zodiac sign usually only pays attention to one thing: Can my partner cook? Or at least choose the right places?


What is the bull’s favorite pastime? Search for stylish bars on Instagram, try out new things and very important: have the right recipe ready for every occasion. Anyone who goes out to dinner with a Taurus is guaranteed to never make the wrong choice. Because the zodiac already studies the menus in advance, reads reviews and knows exactly what is good and what it is better to keep your hands off of . Most of the time, bulls even dream about food, because after all they think about it all day …


For Lions, food is one of the most important things in life. But the zodiac sign does not put anything on the plate! Since the lion is a real gourmet , he loves to try dishes that are as unusual as possible. What also makes a Leo special is that whether they are hungry or not they are constantly thinking about what to eat next. It doesn’t matter whether he’s in the shower, lying in bed, on the way to work, talking to others or just eating.